Daily Archives: August 3, 2011

Welcome to my very first blog!

Welcome to my very first blog entry……  This will be short and sweet for now, just a slight introduction.

I want to share this because I love Emily Dickinson…..

Emily Dickinson

I made this image, btw…..  Digital imagery is the only other form of art I have ever practiced besides poetry.  I used this portrait of Emily because I think it is beautiful.  The image itself is actually much clearer than this, I just wanted to make it look a little ghostly.   Someone once told me that she was 19 years old in this portrait, but I don’t know if that is true.  I love Emily.  If I had lived during her time I would have bugged her everyday for years until she let me into her little cocoon….  Sometimes I think that would be the most special thing to ever happen, to be friends with Emily Dickinson, I mean.   But other times I think no, she would never allow a friend to dote on her by calling or treating her special.  Because I don’t think she ever felt special.   Talented, yes, but special or above normal, no.  But she so was.  And she was beautiful too but I don’t think she ever felt that way either.

I’m not a writer,  really my only emotional out-takes happen in the form of poetry.  Most of my other poetic friends tend to be prolific writers who can capture my attention for hours….  not me.   I came here to share my poetry and to get your feedback on it.  Which is actually why I asked you here.  And I will be posting some of my work soon, so if you came here before it did then please come back later…..

Thank you for visiting……