Daily Archives: August 5, 2011

First Death

There is a quiet here
the room sweating from the days heat
pictures hanging from the wall
how odd to see a winters pond
skaters floating round
while my life lays sweltering
in its own ruin
Yet another day

It was four years ago
maybe to the day
or is it five now?
I don’t know
the day this room came alive
trapping me here
sealing me inside its breathing walls
laughing, laughing at me

My mind no wiser today
just constantly slipping away
not really remembering
if I lived before
or if there was some door
that I walked through
to forget my life
or if it even was

© 2011 John Richter

Sheets on the Clothes Line

The seconds on the clock spun around
its hand clicking, ticking on…
life never stopping for a breath
nor tragedy, nor death
move along please, move along
nothing to see here but
time passing by, slipping away
another moment, another time
Anyone elses, but not mine

The clock tics as the birds wrestle from slumber
their early songs waking the Morning Glories
the bees humming
the sun strumming
and the sheets flapping on mom’s clothes line.
The clock saw the sheets that day
a memory so close but so far away
a different time, a different moment.
but the same clicking and ticking

Those clicks and tics are part of me now
stored away in my special place
Mom and her basket of pins
peek a boo in the sheets
laughter, loving
finding her embrace
She’s gone now
those wooden clothes pins rotted away
But for clicks and tics I’ll always have that day

© 2011 John Richter

I Speak, Sometimes…….

I speak, sometimes
when life gives cause
but sometimes, sometimes
winds of whispers drown me
better than I
they rise above
even scream sometimes

My heart is a pig!
the whispers cry
Not worthy – less than I
the whispers cry
so I follow the snail
into his shell
and hide there, sometimes

But the day was gone
I waited and waited
by the door, looking
the whispers stayed home
the day never came
so I sang and heard
myself, sometimes

Right now is good
my voice cried and
I heard it loudly
So what should I say?
that the whispers
can not drown me
I love you, sometimes

© 2011 John Richter


Minutes waltzing, prancing through the
blessed memories that never came,
moments in this boundless plateau
of misery. When might reprieve find me,
aching for anything but what tosses my soul,
making chaos my only friend?

What then, of that artificial instant,
that sacrificial lamb, the glory
of your voice crackling like the crisp
freshenss of morning sun bursting through me,
calling my name, capturing my fears in
the tiny thimble of your cares?

Oh, that a heart once open and promised would
cower into the fields of seclusion, tattering
the shroud of everything I had dreamed. Would
it be? Could it be that a simple glimpse of
my heart would flail the edges of your passion
such to devour the remnants of us into nothing?

So this moment is mine, etched into the misery
of time set aside, a prancing minute of joy and
glory which now owns an eternity of loneliness.
The rose I found amidst the stones has wilted
and only my hand to blame. And so I’ll swallow
this fate to drown my heart into the foolishness
of loving you. Which I shall always do.

© 2011 John Richter

The End

End to end
the end is only the beginning
the time shared
the echoes of distant laughter
the thrill of something new
those glances and smiles
warming the heart
passionate throes
thrusting each other
finding those special places
those special words
spoken softly
riding them to heaven
But then……
finding blame
hatred grows, feelings unspared
words not soft, not tender
“I hate you,” you said
and then
another end
but that’s what got you here before
a different end
a new beginning
life is a string of popcorn
end to end

© 2011 John Richter