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The 60’s

© 2011 John Richter

Net Dreams

Story book dreams, feathered seams,
glory finds comfort by two’s;
Zeros and ones, petticoat suns,
the best of life to lose……

A talent hidden, love forbidden,
the master ruled her cave.
Come another, a wanton lover,
to free her chains, a slave.

Love chancing, hearts dancing,
admiration cloaked from view.
Her master there, a constant stare
yet her words went ringing through.

What can I say John?
Come what may John?
As the Indian rules this hour?
I feel at bay John…
To spend a day John…
outside his watchful tower…

Words would meet, singing so sweet,
but the two lives would never glance.
Hearts entwined, love inclined,
as the world saw budding romance.

But in the midst of a lover’s twist,
as danger ruled her senses,
She ran away home, to arms of Stockholm,
behind her master’s fences.

And what remains, but sorrowful stains
of words in zeros and ones.
The poems they shared, the love they dared,
– gone.

Poem Form:  Four lines per stanza – known as “quatrains”,  first and third lines have internal rhymes – (…remains,…stains),  second and fourth lines have tail rhymes or “rime couée” – (..senses,…fences).  Near the middle of this particular poem I broke from the form to add a six-line verse, also known as a “sestet.”  The last line of this particular poem intentionally breaks from the mold, rhyme and metre sequence to emphasize the absolute desolation of a lost relationship that ended abruptly.

This poem is about a love affair between two people who never met, but fell in love over the internet and by emailing each other the most beautiful love letters. It ended abruptly when she left to return to her lover.

© 2011 John Richter