Daily Archives: September 20, 2011

Do you see angels too?

Listen Along With Me….

As I stood there, wondering “Who am I”
and what should I tell you about myself
an angel touched my shoulder and said
“Excuse me sir,
but you’re in my seat”

How odd that was, I thought
because I was standing at the moment
and these angels calling themselves Kim
don’t have halos, by the way
but they do glow, you know

So, what to tell?  What to tell?
OK……. I know
so I gave that angel the nearest seat anyway
and a margarita too
she liked that a lot

But then she said
“Excuse me sir,
but you’re stepping on my toes”
so I looked down and
she didn’t have any

Angels are weird
but they are, like, the best part of my life
I love them


© 2011 John Richter