Do you see angels too?

Listen Along With Me….

As I stood there, wondering “Who am I”
and what should I tell you about myself
an angel touched my shoulder and said
“Excuse me sir,
but you’re in my seat”

How odd that was, I thought
because I was standing at the moment
and these angels calling themselves Kim
don’t have halos, by the way
but they do glow, you know

So, what to tell?  What to tell?
OK……. I know
so I gave that angel the nearest seat anyway
and a margarita too
she liked that a lot

But then she said
“Excuse me sir,
but you’re stepping on my toes”
so I looked down and
she didn’t have any

Angels are weird
but they are, like, the best part of my life
I love them


© 2011 John Richter

About johnallenrichter

I am an aspiring Poet and adorer of life, a conqueror of nothing. However I am a champion curator of truth and friendship and hold both of those things most dearly to my heart. Welcome to my mind's eye. I hope you will enjoy what you may find and please know that you have a friend here. View all posts by johnallenrichter

48 responses to “Do you see angels too?

  • zumpoems

    I love this poem as it requires one to go back, re-read, rethink, consider and get to the substance. Very nice, consistently light, cheery and informal tone. One is left grasping at the most whimsical parts, reeling them in for orientation. Very well done!

  • antichamber88

    way cool John – love the concept and the delivery is pitched Just right

  • Pat Hatt

    Love the playfulness of the piece and it truly does sound like angels are weird..haha

  • Dulce

    Interesting angel- keeping you away from that so deep question- when life is so much simpler than that- or is it not?
    I think i need more angels like that in my life

    Hey thanks again for such an outstanding comment. and yes, pride is not a good word- and yes you were right in everything!and no, i am not the one in the photo-{{{{ that’s what ‘spoilt’ the comment :-)}}}}}

    I wish everybody did comment your way! so,
    thanks again

  • claudia

    ha nice..i like that you offered a margarita to that angel…i will keep this in the back of my mind – you never know…smiles…fun write today john – thanks for the smile

  • brian

    ha…this is wonderful john…stepping on angels toes…wonder if my angels like margaritas…i dont mind a mean rita…nice torun into angels where you go though…smiles.

  • Poetry Pastiche

    I’m crazy about the ending, from the (no) toes part down:

    “but you’re stepping on my toes
    so I looked down and
    she didn’t have any

    Angels are weird
    but they are, like, the best part of my life
    I love them”

  • Steve E

    Well, John, I believe in angels, don’t know why, really. Several times I have seen one–or two together. Very briefly, almost as if they erred in judging their invisibility. My real Guardian Angel is named Flex–short for Flexible. He or she and I have been through a lot. This one does not drink Margaritas. But I have know PLENTY who DO!–grin!

    I liked this one very much. Short and sweet, hard to beat.

  • Lori McClure (@lorimcspeaks)

    You had me giggling with this one. Much fun to be had with your words, and that last stanza left me with a smile 🙂

  • Anna Montgomery

    Enjoyed it from start to finish!

  • ayala

    wow, I just love this !!!! I love angels too. 🙂

  • Sarah Johnston

    Cheers to the angel it was a great write today and so fun. I like the offering you gave to the angel thanks for sharing

  • heather grace stewart

    What an original poem about angels. I love angels and it is a recurring theme in my work…speaking of that thanks so much for that comment on ‘Bookmarks’ I actually had doubts about that one as I wrote and published withn an hour but to have moved you to tears…guess that is a keeper for my upcoming collection
    Oh and not so young but thanks for the smile

  • manicddaily

    Just lovely.

  • Heaven

    They can sit and step on my toes… I enjoyed this….Thanks for sharing this ~

  • apoetryman

    What a lovely, simple and uplifting poem, very much enjoyed. Thanks

  • Daydreamertoo

    It’s so lovely to recognise that you know there are Angels. This whole piece is lovely.
    RYN: Yes, I too believe we are spirits here inside this earthly body trying it all out, learning before we go onto whatever it is there is waiting for us when we’ve decided this one can’t teach us anymore.
    There is far too much depth of yearning for, searching for, seeking more than what we are here (for me and for many like me) Maybe we ‘are’ stardust and we know it, in our DNA coding and our brains have lost the memories. Thanks for visiting and such a nice comment.

  • Laurie Kolp

    I love the personality in this.

  • johnallenrichter

    Thanks to everyone for coming to visit my whimsical little poem… If you are wondering, I do believe in angels, but have never seen one. This piece was written in an effort to endear the reader to a good hearted young fellow who sees angels so frequently that they have become a part of his life, and he talks about them as though he is talking about his daily walk with the dog. It was meant as an excersize in minimalism, though I think it failed. Somewhere in this world is happy medium between describing too little detail to spark the reader’s imagination and describing too much, flooding him with a rigid view of your own vision. I am determined to find that medium someday. In the mean time, I did once hear an angel speak and warn me of a falling object that could have hurt me badly. And I was literally shoved away from it and was able to deflect the falling thing with my forearm. For those of you who believe in angels, you should know that I recognized her voice. I was out of country at the time and away from friends and family, I did not learn that this girl had died until I returned home a couple of years later. That’s when the whole thing really hit me. And for those of you who don’t believe: I’d never heard voices in my head before or since! 🙂 Thanks again for visiting and for sharing your very lovely and fun poetry with me…

  • siubhan

    I also enjoyed the lighthearted whimsy in this, and the image of offering the angel a margarita was brilliant! I agree from your comment above that this isn’t quite minimalism… but it’s getting there. And it’s delightful , either way!

  • Mark Kerstetter

    I like this poem a lot, but don’t know why. Or, if I did say why, I’m afraid the angel would fly away, and if there’s one thing we have to do with angels, it’s be very very careful with them. Beautiful poem, John.

  • edpilolla

    this is a special, playful voice. there’s something irresistible about this sort of comfort with the divine. love it.
    thank you for your kind words at my place.
    you are very close to the voice you desire, if not there right now.

  • hedgewitch

    This is delightful and charming in its whimsical approach to some serious matter, I enjoyed it, and I believe there are all kinds of things that are out there on the edge of our “normal” senses that we only occasionally are able to tune in.

  • Charles Elliott/Beautyseer

    When does an angel who plays with your mind become a devil? The most beautiful angel. But excuse me, sir, there’s room for us all on the head of this pin! Fun to read. Thanks.

  • Ann Grenier

    Love this poem John. I have never seen, nor heard an angel, but witness many, many acts of protection in my life, evidence in my book of their existence.

    I wouldn’t mind one that would join me in a margarita 🙂

  • kez

    Thank you ….you visited my blog and left me a great response to my offering ….had me in hysterics ! but alas I’m not a dude ! loved this poem find your quirky sense of fun delightful thank you for sharing x

  • jannie funster

    Whimsical, wonderful, deep, light and fun!

    So imaginative.

    Angels and margaritas are dancing.

    And your comment over at my blog really made MY month, thanks!

  • ladynyo

    I LOVE this, John. It strikes the right tone and purpose for some reason…had me smiling throughout the reading.

    it’s hard to write something sort of from left-field, out of the corner of your eyes, something like this…but you did something here very good, satisfying and unique.

    Thank you, John….this is not so simple a poem as it might at first appear. Layers, dear man.

    Lady Nyo

  • Crystal

    So sweet and playful. Guess I need to start keeping an eye out for angels myself.

  • Mary

    Very clever, John . You showed angels with a human face, as they should be portrayed. We never know when we are encountering angels among us, do we?

  • Rosemary Nissen-Wade aka SnakyPoet

    I love angels too, and love this delightfully insouciant encounter.

  • colleen

    what a turn of events! the unexpected made me laugh out loud, the angel asking for your seat …while you were standing.

  • jenneandrews

    Such a sterling wit– but ever seriously brilliant crafting of each piece I’ve read of yours thus far. Bravo. I look forward to more…xxxxxjen-angel. xx

  • kaykuala

    Whimsical poem full of wit. Life is such that what appears apparent may well turn out to be just quaint thoughts when reality sets in.Very thoughtful offering!


  • pandamoniumcat

    Lovely poem, I am just so glad angels are human too…they like a drink every now and then…a gorgeous step into another realm. 🙂

  • Rallentandanda

    Angel impersonation is rampant at the moment and growing in epidemic proportions. Take care! I like your quirky playful poem.

  • janaki nagaraj

    Beautiful John….I do believe you that you believe in angels.:)

  • Kenia Cris

    A beautiful piece John, I like the playful idea of an angel reclaiming his place in the universe and I think the fact of you being there, made you an angel for the time he was out somewhere. You are someone’s else angel.

    Thanks for your always kind comments on my blog. I’m glad you read between the lines and uses words yourself in such a neat way.

    Take care and keep smiling. ❤

    P.S.: I've added you to my blogroll so not to miss your updates.

  • Bod for tea

    Hello playful angel, thanks for alighting on my sorry poem earlier 😀 Love this one, reads effortlessly but I know how hard that is to create!

  • Sharp Little Pencil

    John, I also believe in angels. I think we pass them every day. Sometimes they are unseen and whisper a warning in my ear or give me a nudge. And I’m down with the idea of an angel having a margarita! Very cool. All the ethereal stuff is not for me – I think of angels as regular folks who don’t happen to be human, but who can relate to the human condition. Also, my guardian angel is my grandma, Blanche, who passed down manic depression to me. That was in its own way a great gift, giving me a different way of looking at the world, giving me struggles to overcome. Blanche was a game girl, you would have liked her. Great write, John. So glad to meet you! Amy

  • C Rose

    such a creative piece John, loved it ~ Rose

  • libithina

    Wonderful John .. 🙂 standing on my toes’ .. but she didn’t have any .. loved what you did with this .. and she liked margaritas too .. sounded a beautiful Angel and bet was very grateful for the drink and the seat .. Blessed x x Lib
    Thank you too for leaving your wonderful comment on ‘times’ streams’ delighted ~ sharing your own world and journey with me ~ loved that ~ I was thrilled, honoured and so very pleased ~ blessings John ~ Lib

  • The Gooseberry Garden

    divine sentiments, wow.

    glad to meet, John.

    this is incredible.

    glad to read you and love your blog.
    welcome sharing your poetry with us today,
    first time participants can do free linking up to 3 poems, you can write for our challenge if you want to, no obligations, we are open until Thursday night, 8pm…
    hope to see you in.
    keep up the excellence.

  • zumpoems

    Had to revisit this as loved it so much the first. This has the classic qualities that make it a candidate for those traditional poetry anthologies. This is a poem that is a pleasure to return to every now and then like a favorite movie or song.

  • leslie

    this is lighthearted and imaginative, yet thoughtful, too:

    “As I stood there, wondering “Who am I”
    and what should I tell you about myself
    an angel touched my shoulder and said
    “Excuse me sir,
    but you’re in my seat”

    it makes me think of c.s. lewis or madeleine l’engle (though their angelic beings took MUCH stranger forms), or that verse that says,”be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”

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