Daily Archives: November 3, 2012

Waters Past

Waters rushed by me, rippling and tinkling over the creek bed stones.  Their colors were so earthenly warm, so inviting as the cool water flowed briskly over them, magnifying the depth of their hues……  And then just a glimpse, a noticeable dart from the corner of one eye caused me to focus on a nearly invisible little group of minnows hesitating their tiny trollop, as though they were as curious of I as I of they.  What must they see beyond the rippling of their waves?  A being who lives and breathes beyond the comfort of their watery world?  How monstrous I must seem.  And yet how tender they seem to me, as though the brightest rose could not match the great color of their minute, delicate little curiosity.  I am glad they saw me – for the tenderness of this moment has kept me for many, many years.   My boyish eyes beheld them…..  A wonder of God’s creation.  And that memory has lost no vibrancy in nearly 50 years….  I hope their years have been as wonderful as mine.