Daily Archives: November 23, 2012

My Canvas

spacerIn what hour did God create the world?
That hills and streams and forests
could flow from one to another –
with such ease upon an artists brush?

That such a wistful stroke would cause
the beauty of all the world to fall –
within a robin’s egg?  Or in the creaking
bend of majestic pine?

Such is the whispering breath of angel’s wings….

And that I should rise amidst their flutter
in the shadows of this great canvas –
comprised of all the oils on His pallette…
What beauty brings I, says I.

That even the tiniest ripple in the tiniest pond
could humble my presence –
Or that the solemn single ray of Sun
breaking through an ominous cloud might
so easily soar above my nothingness……

What beauty brings I, says I.
Is it simply that I say?
There is no greater glory than the human heart,
its blank canvas left to our own brush….
And what shall I paint this hour?


You speak no Latin more than I, belike;However, you’re my man, you’ve seen the world

— The beauty, and the wonder and the power,

The shapes of things, their colors, lights and shades,

Changes, surprises — and God made it all!

-Robert Browning