Daily Archives: November 24, 2012

A Moment Ago….

Moments live……

Blessed by breath they come upon us – these moments, chaining our impassioned journeys into little chunks of joy and tragedy, ruthlessly bestowing upon us the tempestuous will of God.  Their lives seem so frail, so tenderly lost to the next moment, the next cause, the next drama…..  But moments don’t just fade away.  Nigh, young heart, you shall find them again.

The cock crows for the birthing sun, which brings to him a new day, a new chance, a burgeoning life filled with endless possibilities…  But he doesn’t remember yesterday – nor does he know of tomorrow.  This moment is all he has, and all he will ever be.

Seek those lost moments friend, and keep my heart with you always – polish them with the oils of kinship, love and time.  For they shall soothe you when your own sun sets…..



© 2013 John Richter