Grateful Rising

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A blissful day, could have slept away –
and lost this love for nothing more –
but for you this memory  to convey
For in fact I rose to the chore…

“Time is wasting,” echoed my dreams.
Eyes not aware of the lamp-blast glow.
“Get up – get dressed,” what seemed like screams,
Now the lamp spewed a dead-fast blow!

Standing aside and not yet fully in hue,
my eyes straining for a glimpse to see
(which nightmare must be in this queue?)
when Dad’s image emerged to me.

“It’s a quarter to four, let’s get out the door,”
“The fish won’t wait, you see?”
So I rubbed my eyes and hit the floor
for an all out fishing spree!

Now I remember,
t’was in bed by nine
Fully clothed too –
just to save time.

Dad pulled and tugged
on that old deep-green outboard
until it spewed and spugged
(actually smoked and chugged)
and then across to our reward….

Astride a lilly pad flock he’d seen,
one that had caught his eye,
as the sun began to peek o’er green,
I heard the plop of his popper from high.

“click click clickety click”
went his slow, methodical reel.
The top-water lure pulled up a lick
and then back to its reposing still.

Suddenly a splash and a “Snatch!” was seen,
his pole quickly whipped to set the hook.
And soon looking at me from our canteen,
was a largemouth’s angry and cold-eyed look.

To suppose for any more wonderful day,
you see it wasn’t the fish or lilly pad.
For evermore I will always say-
It was simply spending the day with Dad.




Any man can be a Father but it takes someone special to be a dad.

Anne Geddes

090812_0400_ACloudorTwo2.jpg© 2013 John Richter



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