Daily Archives: July 10, 2013


Time, in her honored glory –
finds her seat beside mine.
Sleepless I relive this story
as the witching moon does shine.

Time has found her majestic place
‘oer eons of man’s pathetic race.
For kings and paupers she felled her grace
yet now she honors my clown painted face.

And I, a fool, a masquerade,
just a jester skipping this promenade –
All wondering wonders of worldly wise
While I – each day – paint disguise
before dancing through life’s colonnade.

Time knows not, nor have I yet found
any reason to be certain;
Why time blesses my way round
before drawing her final curtain.

Her piercing eyes peer through the cake –
beyond this blusher smile.
She sees the true fear of shimmering quake
as loneliness endures my while.

And I ask, “Oh time, tell me true…
Am I but an overt oddity?
Is my open heart of love so blue –
just an uninvited commodity?”

“Have other men walked alone?
Have you also held their hand?
That among this sea of sullen souls
each man’s path is of barren land?”

Please answer Time, lay your truth upon table.
please show yourself to me.
Lest others find your spirit fable –
And all the world shall see!

Hark, the devil’s hour comes
and there is but silence in my den.
Time fails to beat her drums
And I doubt her existence again.

And where are we – if time be eternity?
Devil’s hour could neither come nor go.
Yet here it is in astounding affinity –
As all this hellish world does know….

And within find darkest truth, my friends,
Time does not indeed exist.
She is just a chain of past events
of men who devils kissed.

And from this lair, I shall declare,
until my dying day;
From painted smiles I shall forswear –
my love will ever stay –