I Remember Your Brown Eyes

Hello and thanks for dropping by…….  Was in the mood for a song with this but unfortunately my vocal cords are never as enthusiastic as I am!  The audio was added to give you, the reader, an idea of what was bouncing around in my head when I wrote this…..  Please accept my apology in advance for the wailing you will hear by pushing the audio button below!

I Remember Your Brown Eyes


Forgotten smiles,
From forgotten miles –
a time ago –
our young hearts wild.

It’s never here,
that precious year.
You held my hand
all the while…

I flew away
on the darkest day
before I’d say
I’ll love you always…
Girl, I’ll love you always….

So many say
Love’s here to stay
But it’s my prediction
that love’s just fiction
until it walks away…..

Darlin I love you…..
And I always will….

I remember
your brown eyes girl…


To be offered up to the great poets at dversepoets.com “Open Link Night” on Tuesday, July 16th………  Please join us some Tuesday…

© 2013 John Allen Richter

About johnallenrichter

I am an aspiring Poet and adorer of life, a conqueror of nothing. However I am a champion curator of truth and friendship and hold both of those things most dearly to my heart. Welcome to my mind's eye. I hope you will enjoy what you may find and please know that you have a friend here. View all posts by johnallenrichter

13 responses to “I Remember Your Brown Eyes

    • johnallenrichter

      Thanks for dropping by Willow….. Mary and Bri too…. Perhaps a bit of background might be interesting, I don’t know. Unlike most of my poetry this came from deep inside and rings true to life..

      Anna was my high school sweetheart and we became engaged at a most tumultuous time in our young lives when both of our early career paths put us 8,000 miles apart for years. We kept in touch by letter, and I so enjoyed hearing from her. Her envelopes smelled of the sweetest perfume and I hung on every word….

      But time and distance is blasphemy to any relationship, especially young ones. I’m so ashamed that I was not faithful to her, and almost two years had gone by without setting a date and almost a year since I had last visited her… I think she knew from the falling frequency of my own letters that I wasn’t being faithful, and she questioned me about it in a letter after I had not written for a couple of months. I was honest and told her the truth, but added that I loved her and if she would only wait for me I would become true, and in another year leave my foreign post and come to live with her in California. But she wrote back and explained that she had met a nice fellow who was anxious to date her. She told me that she loved me also, but that if I could not write back and tell her the color of her eyes then she would let me go…..

      I know it’s a little thing, but distance, – and my relationships with other girls at the time, but more than that probably mostly guilt – I think, made me think I would be asking her to wait for something that even I wasn’t sure of… And so I wrote back and said “Of course your eyes are green darling… Do you really think I would forget that?” You can not possibly imagine the weight of my heart when I sent that letter ion its way…

      I never heard from or saw Anna after that…… And her eyes are brown.

      Life is so odd, I think sometimes. And I feel like a bigamist for having loved so many and so strongly over the course of my many years. Fairy tales don’t explain how we can love so many – so intensely – and so strongly. And it’s not until love is gone that we can understand the true measure of it, I think. Yes, I think love can’t be measured until it is gone. That’s the thing I learned from love and probably why I write so very few poems about love…. I don’t truly understand what it is until I am crushed by its absence……

      Anyway, thanks again for stopping by…….

  • Mary

    Hmmmm, thinking about ‘love’s just fiction until it walks away.’ Thinking perhaps that maybe we don’t appreciate it fully until we don’t have it anymore. And it is sad sometime to look back at early loves & realize that (though the time is long past) the love really WAS deep and still is.

  • brian miller

    loves just fiction til it walks away…and then reality does set in, for sure…forever is a hard promise in this world it seems…every once in a while but…and once gone it is def hard to forget…nice write john…good to see you man…

  • hisfirefly

    things so much more real once they are gone… well said

  • MarinaSofia

    Interesting what the back story can do to the reading of a poem. I thought the poem had a lovely, melodious, almost jaunty quality to it… then I read your explanation, John, and it suddenly seemed suffused with deeper regret.

  • Pat Hatt

    When loves walks
    One talks
    About what they had
    At their pad
    No longer glad
    Maybe rather mad
    No idea what is was they were in
    Until its gone, what a sin

    • johnallenrichter

      The “Good Ol’ Days” is what we say
      When our minds wander off to play…

      Regrets will come and regrets will go…
      Even until pain starts to show..
      But there is no way to ever know –
      if life would bring happiness or woe
      without the loss of that single beau.

      Though I miss her with all sincerity –
      And allow her the whole of my heart –
      all other of my life’s prosperity –
      would just not be without our part…..

  • kaykuala

    This ts fantastic John! Not just your ‘process note’ to Willow but more so the background story itself. It’s true one finds love more desirable when out of it! Thanks for sharing! I’m sure many can relate to this!


  • Miriam E.

    ha, that’s not wailing, that’s heartfelt! the introduction made me smirk though… heh. loved this:
    “But it’s my prediction
    that love’s just fiction
    until it walks away…..”
    wonderfully said.

  • Margaret

    But it’s my prediction
    that love’s just fiction
    until it walks away….

    To me that is the heart of this poem, and from your comment above, I see it is. A wonderful reflection on life, on the past – and your honesty, your acceptance of it, makes this work not as a confession, but as a sincere “thank you” in a way… Does that make sense? 🙂

    • johnallenrichter

      It makes entire sense to me Margaret…. And this poem truly is a “Thank you,” not a confession or apology for my behavior….. nor a folly into “what might have been….” I feel life is nothing more than a perpetual learning experience so feeling regret for doing something stupid is certainly no way to live one’s life, I should think. And we are all stupid if we are being honest with ourselves….. at least at one point or another. Though I lost her over 30 years ago Anna will always be a wonderful, beautiful part of my life that I enjoy keeping on my special memory shelf. My life would not be what it is today without having had her in my life, nor would it be what it is without having lost her….. Although a later girlfriend jealously destroyed Anna’s letters that I had saved, in my mind I can still smell the perfume on them and the wonderful feeling I had every time I received one of her letters from afar….. There are some things that never leave us and in my humble opinion that is the thing we poets are supposed to convey… Thankyou Margaret, and all, for stopping by. And thank you all especially for sharing your own memories of love’s fiction…….. JAR

  • Margaret

    green … can’t believe you wrote her that !! ;P

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