Daily Archives: September 17, 2013

Beyond Love

The following poem is about the loss of love.  Or the absence thereof.  Some would call that hell.  So deep, so stark, so completely enveloping the narrator’s soul that he only wishes to close his eyes and never open them again.  But the world will not allow that….. 

Beyond Love

Another day starts its glory
upon the froth of tortured stars.
Sliding into the lighted heavens
ripped from bellies of celestial scars.

And you, your filth, your disgusting way
can find little else or more to say ….
then scourge the Earth this unhallowed day
kneel before me scoundrels and pray

that life becomes your mortal slayer
and your dreams lose all memories of love.

Open your eyes once again
for God chooses not to end
this hellish world
………..you play within.

Nigh, my friend.
Your eyes shall open every morn
as ever fails your rotting flesh
and your chattering skull plays the tunes of hell
to the darkest dusk of every night……

Your plight, my friend,
is life, my friend,
after love……


© 2013 John Allen Richter

This poem will be offered as fodder to a wonderfully talented group of writers and poets who gather at dversepoets.com every Tuesday evening for “Open Link Night.”  I hope you can join us sometime.