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Lost and Never Found

Just watched a really good movie called Chrystal, starring Billy Bob Thornton and with the most wonderful sound track music I have heard in a very long time.  It inspired me to write the following song, which  I have not been able to name….  Suggestions anyone? (The last line was borrowed from one of the songs in the movie)

….submitted to dversepoets.com “Open Link Night” making Tuesday nights funner than, well, some Monday nights… Hope you can join us…

Death’s been knockin’
and I’ve been gone.
She’s been wond’rin where I could be.
This world’s been long
and I’ve been wrong
So I won’t hide from thee

Now listen sweet Death,
and hear my song,
open your heart
and sing along
I’ll promise you gardens
you’ve never seen
then you’ll know
where I have been.

Over that hill
lies a mystery
My love, she’s gone
forever you see.
Her beauty too vast
and her heart too strong,
Only dear God knew
she would’nt last long.

So you see sweet death
I’m honest and true
And in the morning
I’ll go with you,
but tonight I think
I’m gonna stay
by the side of
my sweet baby’s grave..

And I ain’t got no sugar baby now…


Claudia is tonight’s host.  In the spirit of her ensemble, you can follow this link to get a taste of good ol’ American bluegrass…  This song is the opening song from the movie mentioned above and was written and sung by Roscoe Holcomb, “Moonshiner” …


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