Daily Archives: October 7, 2013

Six Million

Silence of death
Stealing the part where cares once lived.
Stealing across stars to heavens far.
Ending upon the tip of flame…
Fueled by burning souls.

We live.
We breathe.
And barely see
the very depth of we.

And then death.
To you.
To me.
To Eternity

Please don’t be silent
when they kill me.



This past week a woman named Miriam Kerry was shot at by several police officers in Washington D.C. as she attempted to get away from them.  I do not know much about this incident other than what I saw on a video that appears to have been taken from someone’s hand held camera.  In that video I see an undamaged car attempting to maneuver away from 10 to 12 uniformed police officers who were all at close range and pointing firearms at her.  It looks as though she is simply trying to remove herself (and her one year old child) from danger.  Was she somehow under mental stress? I don’t know.  But I saw and heard 7 shots enter her vehicle during this video as she was pulling away.  There did not appear to be anyone in her path that could have been injured by her vehicle.  In fairness I could not see the video clearly.

But I will not be silenced by speculation.  Or implication.  They said Miriam suffered from a metal disorder and that she intentionally crashed into a solid barricade.  The second implication is either false or an exaggeration:  at worst she could only have bumped the barricade because cars are designed to crush at speeds over 10 mph.  The only damage to her vehicle is approximately 15 bullet holes.

Were they exaggerating about her mental condition as well, to justify the killing of a young mother?  When has a post-partum mother ever attempted to crash into a government area to harm or kill people?  Unarmed?  And with her one year old child sitting less than 30″ away from her?  And that is my clincher.  The police later said in an interview that they were “shocked” to discover a one year old child in the vehicle.  Shouldn’t that have been a thought floating somewhere in the back of the minds of those shooting officers?  That an innocent passenger could be in the car?

There is too much here to be silent.

© 2013 John Allen Richter