Six Million

Silence of death
Stealing the part where cares once lived.
Stealing across stars to heavens far.
Ending upon the tip of flame…
Fueled by burning souls.

We live.
We breathe.
And barely see
the very depth of we.

And then death.
To you.
To me.
To Eternity

Please don’t be silent
when they kill me.



This past week a woman named Miriam Kerry was shot at by several police officers in Washington D.C. as she attempted to get away from them.  I do not know much about this incident other than what I saw on a video that appears to have been taken from someone’s hand held camera.  In that video I see an undamaged car attempting to maneuver away from 10 to 12 uniformed police officers who were all at close range and pointing firearms at her.  It looks as though she is simply trying to remove herself (and her one year old child) from danger.  Was she somehow under mental stress? I don’t know.  But I saw and heard 7 shots enter her vehicle during this video as she was pulling away.  There did not appear to be anyone in her path that could have been injured by her vehicle.  In fairness I could not see the video clearly.

But I will not be silenced by speculation.  Or implication.  They said Miriam suffered from a metal disorder and that she intentionally crashed into a solid barricade.  The second implication is either false or an exaggeration:  at worst she could only have bumped the barricade because cars are designed to crush at speeds over 10 mph.  The only damage to her vehicle is approximately 15 bullet holes.

Were they exaggerating about her mental condition as well, to justify the killing of a young mother?  When has a post-partum mother ever attempted to crash into a government area to harm or kill people?  Unarmed?  And with her one year old child sitting less than 30″ away from her?  And that is my clincher.  The police later said in an interview that they were “shocked” to discover a one year old child in the vehicle.  Shouldn’t that have been a thought floating somewhere in the back of the minds of those shooting officers?  That an innocent passenger could be in the car?

There is too much here to be silent.

© 2013 John Allen Richter


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I am an aspiring Poet and adorer of life, a conqueror of nothing. However I am a champion curator of truth and friendship and hold both of those things most dearly to my heart. Welcome to my mind's eye. I hope you will enjoy what you may find and please know that you have a friend here. View all posts by johnallenrichter

4 responses to “Six Million

  • ramblingsfromamum

    I find it deplorable that officers felt the ‘requirement’ to shoot – no matter what were the circumstances leading to this. I uphold the law as we all should…but truly 7 officers firing??? The word over-kill takes on a different and disgusting meaning,

  • willowdot21

    It seems that police are getting more and more aggressive. Here in the UK we have noticed it . Sometimes the seem to approach situations so aggressively that they provoke trouble.

    • johnallenrichter

      I am not a fatalist and never have been. But a televangelist and very smart, loving man, Billy Graham, recently said he feels that the hatred and dispassionate, careless feelings so arrogantly displayed by the majority of this generation are sure signs that the world is coming to an end. I don’t know about that. However, the world does seem more hateful than it did forty years ago. But I think that is a false sense.

      Because 70 years ago an entire continent was cajoled by hatred and/or fear to accomplish the mass murder of over 6 million Jews. (Which by the way is the real topic of this poem.) Ponder as I may, it’s hard to imagine many things more powerfully hateful than the murder of 6 million people. But go back 160 years and you can find an entire society carelessly enjoying the fruits of slavery while giving little thought to the human oppression of the slave himself. Go back a hundred years before that and you find a king and his entire country who willingly accept the premise that it is acceptable to send soldiers to rampage and willfully kill colonists over a disagreement concerning a 6% tax on dry goods.

      Through out history there have been men and women who recognize these evils when others don’t. I am not a sooth sayer and don’t believe I am somehow blessed to see all evils in this world. But I believe those evils we do see should be highlighted for others who possibly don’t see them. The founders of my country were not fighting against a 6% tax. They were fighting against a tyrannical structure that would jail or hang them for speaking out against any tax. Hence the very first structured law in our newly won Constitution guaranteed the freedom of speech. That freedom is the essential element to eradicate hatred from our midst.

      Most of the citizens under Nazi rule were unable to speak out about the atrocities they were witnessing, less they or their families become victims of the hatred themselves. What is it like to see your loving neighbors, friends, dragged from their homes and possibly shot or hanged right in front of you because of their religious conviction? And then how would it feel when those same murderers look at you and ask what your own religious faith is? Or if you are harboring any Jews in your home? Could there be anything more hateful, more uncaring than this kind of duress?

      My heart has cried just as loudly for those poor people trapped in that situation as it has cried for the murdered victims of that era.

      A thousand years before that, and a thousand years after that hatred has been and will continue to be a part of this world. My prayer is that we all find the courage to break the silence.

      • willowdot21

        Yes you are so right John , man has treated his fellow man with contempt. All through history hate, murder and persecution has repeated and repeated itself. I do not know if we can ever break the circle that had even the very first Israelites being lead away by Moses. There is bloodshed all over the middle East, Africa and in truth every single country in the world today………. there is , there was and there always will be. I do pray we may see an end to all this soon. But I shall not be holding my breath! Peace and love to you. xx

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