Monthly Archives: January 2014

Rubber Trees

Yesterdays and used to be’s,
Sunday funnies and rubber trees,
Yes maam’s and thank you please,
Simple things of memories.

But there in the shadows,
the deepest darkest part,
were the things of naughty-naughty.

Unseen and untold,
as the years unfold,
the shadow falls upon it all…
And the rubber tree lives
in yesterday.

The Sunday funnies still come and go,
but I don’t read them
any more.



© 2014 John Allen Richter




A days a day a days a day,

until it has come and gone.

Some are cheerful, some are gray,

But none are very long.


Every morn I look to see,

if a day has come again,

Every morn she waits for me

with a laugh and glorious grin.


I say “Hello” and wait to hear,

if she will play along.

A moment past and then from near

a Robin sings her song.


And I wonder if today will be

like yesterday was or what may,

or will it be like another day,

when my heart did joyously play…


Play, play, play all day,

for she will never come again..

Tomorrow her sister or brother will play,

But it will never be the same.



© 2014 John Allen Richter

If Ever a Wind There Was

If ever a wind there was you see,
If ever a wind there was.
Catch it, hold it and love it you see,
Because, because, because.

It only blows a moment you see,
and then it’s surely gone.
Past your heart and through the trees,
oer the oceans beyond.

It lives, it breathes a second you see,
And then it lays it down.
Its life is but a wisp you see
and memories to be found.

So if it blows when your love is full,
and happiness abounds,
catch it, hold it and love it you see,
for memories do compound.

And if ever the wind should sullen so,
and weariness weighs your way,
Remember the wind that once did blow
on a happier, happier day.



© 2013 John Allen Richter