The Trapeze

A funny thing, that traveling show,
How the tents go down, and up you know.
Sparklin’ lights and bigtop poles,
another town, another goes.
All for the sake of the big tent show.

The work, the worry,
the bother, the scurry,
the clowns arrive
and the barkers flurry.

But oh How the lights do shine
on her……….

The clowns come ‘round,
blowing horns and reeds.
The riders ride
their blazoned steeds-
The master points
to her silver trapeze,

And says………

“Ladies and gents,
if you please…….”

Spotlights soar,
the lions roar.
Elephants trumpet
‘til the ears are sore….

She grabs the bar with steely hands
and leaps for Heaven before her fans…
the drum-roll drums, all drums in line,
and she catches another just in time.

A little boy watched,
wide eyes and keen,
now lived his life
and though all he’s seen…
nothing ever
could come between
a little boy
and the great trapeze…

Oh how the bigtop came alive that night.
With the beautiful grace of such wondrous flight.

But the tent came down,
on to other towns.
Followed closely
by the sad, sad clowns….

And now the old man sighs,
remembering the night
that he watched the flight
of human butterflies….


© 2014 John Allen Richter




About johnallenrichter

I am an aspiring Poet and adorer of life, a conqueror of nothing. However I am a champion curator of truth and friendship and hold both of those things most dearly to my heart. Welcome to my mind's eye. I hope you will enjoy what you may find and please know that you have a friend here. View all posts by johnallenrichter

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