Cedar Posts

I am.
Withered, yes, and torn,
weathered by century’s storm.
And though my will so frail
be as a windless sail,
I offer this: another tale,
wisely and won’drously worn.

For pray it rings as the mission bell,
beyond the town and yonder dell,
so that children of ours can always tell
that once a dream did live.

And though this world not long for I,
these wrinkled lips but pure disguise
of a childs soul within.
Soon my bones shall lay to rest,
life’s secret left to confess:
It must end to begin again.

And so here I plant my cedar posts,
sturdy and strong for future hosts,
Hopes in their strength, this simple note:
That I am.
And so thee be.
Yes, love the world most dearly.
And spend prescious moments happily.
But always leave your cedar posts
…….. for your young others to see.
© 2014 John Allen Richter


About johnallenrichter

I am an aspiring Poet and adorer of life, a conqueror of nothing. However I am a champion curator of truth and friendship and hold both of those things most dearly to my heart. Welcome to my mind's eye. I hope you will enjoy what you may find and please know that you have a friend here. View all posts by johnallenrichter

4 responses to “Cedar Posts

  • SaumyaPuri

    i am a teenager and I write poems
    Read my poems and follow me? I will follow you back too,hehe :$
    It would be great of you if your read my poems 🙂
    I am sure i wont disappoint you


    • johnallenrichter

      Saumya, thank you for visiting. There are three things I will always say to young poets: First, you know who you are because you have been writing poetry as long as you can remember. It’s not something you can’t do, like sleeping or eating. Secondly, it is a gift from God who gives to each his own talent. Never think of it as anything lesser or anything of your own. Thirdly, never stop.

      I will be happy to visit your poetry blog, but am too busy to play “following” games. I visit poets who visit me and am not about numbers. I write poetry because it is simply what I do. Come often, if only to say hello, and I will return the courtesy…. Best wishes….

  • Brian Miller

    it must end to begin again, surely a truth….birth and death are both natural cycles….hard for us emotionally at times….love your philosophy on life there in the last bit…keep that strong cedar and let its aroma fill the place..

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