Daily Archives: March 9, 2014

Welcome to the Family, Son

Listen along if you like…

I’m gonna need you to sit, boy, and hear me out.
I ain’t gonna scream and I aint gonna shout.
I’m gonna tell you a story about my baby girl,

She used to sit in my lap
and make me laugh,
she’d give me a squeeze
when e’er I tipped my hat.
I remember that day
she first called me dad,

And on her sweet 16
she leaned over me,
whispered in my ear,
“Hey Daddy,
I’ll love you til the day that I die.”

That was so long ago,
seemed like yesterday.
When I held her in my arms
and oh – we’d play.
Never thought she’d ever make me cry.

She tells me you’re a good man,
and that you love the Lord,
love your country
and drive a flatbed Ford.
So now I need you to look me in my eye.

You don’t need to speak
if you understand.
just shake your head
like a full grown man.
Then we gonna give this here a little try.

If you ever raise a hand to my baby girl,
you’ll never see a rush of evil in this world
fall upon your ass just as quick as I can.
If you’ve never seen a grisly then eyes wide open,
don’t take chances and never be hoping.
Because you will surely be a dead man.

You’re family now,
and you got my blessin,
I’m gonna love you son
and I ain’t messin…
But always remember this night under this sky

Wish you the best of luck,
’cause now you’re my son,
so take my daughter and
go have fun….
and always know that I’ll keep an open eye…..

© 2014 John Allen Richter