Daily Archives: March 10, 2014

A Trucker’s Home

She had blonde hair and big blue eyes,
a checkered shirt and a big bright smile
and if you told me so I’d be surprised
but she loved me.
She really loved me.

Just a runnin through life and shiftin those gears,
a highway mile’s like a thousand years
when I was gone from her I could hear her tears.

San Antone, Little Rock and Memphis,
Shut her down for a night in Texas.
Just one more day would bring us
together again.
together again.

So i was up all night just drinking that joe,
drove it bobtail all the way home.
Pulled in the yard at half past ten,
Where’s my baby gone.
Where’s my baby gone?

House was empty and the kids were gone,
dogs were a barkin and I was all alone.
her letter on the table just said goodbye,
she had to leave for a better life.
she didn’t want to be my wife.
No more.

So when you see me back on the road,
give me a holler and a wave to show
that I’m not alone.  
Lord, I’m not alone.
But i feel alone.

© 2014 John Allen Richter