Daily Archives: May 6, 2014

Lord Can You Tell Me

Lord can you tell me why my body's still here?
I'm watching this old earth spinnin year after year.
The smile in the mirror
is beginnin to look like fear...
Oh my God, oh my lord, don't you know?

There was a day as a younger man,
I could find a row to hoe.
Drink all night and work all day
and find another place to go.

I laid a man down 
and I helped a man up,
and I raised a family.
Dear sweet God
don't you let me down 
when they plug me in the ground.
Oh my God, oh my lord, don't you know?

I done a little wrong
and I done a little right,
and I stood up for the meek.
But I chewed that bacca
and I drank that beer
and I'll do it again next week.

Oh dear lord won't you hear me now
while I'm singing this out loud.
There's a whole lot a' black upon my soul 
but there's a whole lot a' right I know.
Oh my God, oh my lord, don't you know?

Now I'm on my knees 
and I'm beggin' you please
Lord just let me go.
I've seen the world
and what she has
and I'm still all alone.

Some times I wonder if another soul
may have a care inside his heart.
I've looked real hard
and I'll tell you this,
It's time for me to part,
Oh dear God it's 
just time for me to part.

© 2014 John Allen Richter