Life is sometimes so very confusing to me- I don’t know why we’re alive, or why God decided to put us in this life.  Nobody really does.  I just know I’ve been writing poetry all my life – and during all these many years i have avoided what most people would call “Love Poetry.”  It’s a lie in my opinion-extraordinarily pretentious.  Love and sex – or sexual attraction – are two different things.  But I think every high school and college boy at some time has written a “Love” poem to attract the attention of someone who makes his heart go pitter-patter, as old Norman from the Movie On Golden Pond would have said.  And you know I think that is so romantic.  I love romance.  But for some reason, and I don’t understand it myself – I just don’t write love poetry.  Somehow it’s like I separate poetry – a mind’s art – from romantic love – which is more of the heart’s art – don’t you think?

And although I have never written a love poem – at least not since i was in my teens with hormones raging – I do write pieces like what you see below – like – with a tune playing in my head.  So I put them down to music.  I don’t know if that makes me a songwriter, any more than leaving my morning constitution in the bathroom makes me Picasso.  But just like poetry – its what comes out of me – and because I’m human – because I have this insane desire to feel accredited in this insane life – which I don’t even understand – and I really would like to know what others think about some of these things that shake out of my brain – or heart.  Which is why I post these occasionally with other great and talented artists on dversepoets.com.  Tonight’s the night and I hope you enjoy this one…… You can listen to the song on the audio thingy above…  The lyrics are below….

Lyrics 2Ellen

I only know one thing darling
if you want to have fun from the start
never lie,  – never lie to your heart
no, no – never lie to your heart
don’t tell it to go away
no no no
Baby keep it around for a while
you can’t live without it
no no no
It’s what i found out

I was looking for you yesterday
I guess you packed your bags and went away
Yeah I know we were supposed to hit that road today
Driving those cars, hitting all the bars
But Albuquerque’s so far away
So darling, won’t you write me a letter some day

You brought our friends over one night
so we could all say goodbye
you know we were headed out that door
but you found me there in a corner with her

You remember her,
sweet little Veena
Honey you were my best friend
and you owned my soul
but I ain’t gonna lie
no I can’t lie to my heart,
no no no

Honey, dear Veena
she owns my heart
yes she does
she owns my heart

But you’re down in New Mexico now
and I know you’re having fun
all that wind and sand
and that auburn hair baby
Won’t you write me a letter
and in it won’t you say
You miss me too
won’t you say
you miss me too
cause love’s not about the heart
It’s about you

© 2015 John Allen Richter

About johnallenrichter

I am an aspiring Poet and adorer of life, a conqueror of nothing. However I am a champion curator of truth and friendship and hold both of those things most dearly to my heart. Welcome to my mind's eye. I hope you will enjoy what you may find and please know that you have a friend here. View all posts by johnallenrichter

7 responses to “2Ellen

  • Björn Rudberg (brudberg)

    Oh I loved to hear you sing this.. So sad that love and friendship can’t really come together.. But the heart will make those choises for us… I was wondering if it was a true story.

    • Björn Rudberg (brudberg)

      And so sad you missed the new schedule.. Every second week on Thursday is the new OLN..

    • johnallenrichter

      Hi Björn… Yes. Young love. Hearts. Was it James Mitchener who said “If you want to write then write things you know about”…? I know that the heart wants what the heart wants – doesn’t matter what the brain thinks about it. I guess that’s why my own mind compartmentalizes the difference… Yeah, sorry about missing the change to Open Mike Night….. Been way busy the last few months.

  • claudia

    def. a bluesy feel to this… and guess there’s a too late.. and he better had thought about the consequences before he went to that corner with sweet little veena..

    • johnallenrichter

      Hi Claudia… yes, the reason I wrote this poem is the implied notion that friendships can not exist outside of the monogamous/lifelong relationships that we as humans engage in. I feel like those relationships are so ingrained into society – such a large part of who we are – that we often confuse the word “love” with those relationships. Some might think that is splitting hairs, but I disagree. This story about Ellen (and myself-since this is a true story) is a big reason why. I loved Ellen – as a friend. As the song says – Ellen was my best friend. But she was lying to her heart, believing that I was somehow her Prince Charming who only had eyes for her…. and I’ll stop for a bit here because that in itself is some fantasy/lie that I think needs to end. There is no man in any relationship, no matter how deep or entrenched, that only has eyes for one woman. Period. You can call him “cad” of “gad-about” if you will, but the truth is mother nature put those stripes on him and no one can change that. The true love, the true relationship is one where a man and woman who both decide to live in a lifelong/monogamous relationship can recognize that and honestly accept it. I’m not talking about open marriage or “swinging,” I think those things are abominations to a true, loving, monogamous relationships. I’m just saying that relationships can’t grow or develop with any great sense if we choose to stick our heads in the sand. And then back to Ellen: yes, we were summertime lovers. And more importantly we were best friends. But the implication of developing a lifelong, monogamous, “Gable and Lombard” sort of relationship was just not there. Ellen was lying to her own heart, and because of that she got upset and broke our friendship when she discovered that I had a sexual attraction/affinity for my neighbor Veena. (Not to mention our plans to move to Albuquerque, with all of my furniture already on it’s way down there.) So the song is not about lifelong/monogamous relationship – It’s about losing your best friend because of some fairy-tale ideas… Anyway, with no furniture – and no job because I had already put my notice in and they already hired my replacement – I ended up moving down to Arkansas with my sister. And I can tell you there was no romance in that relationship either! I had hoped my message would have been clearer in the song…. Guess I still need to work on that. I did love Ellen – as a friend – and still do. I still love every friend I’ve ever known – regardless of the circumstances. But I miss her as a friend – not as a possible lifelong/monogamous lover. It’s odd that I should call it that, isn’t it? “Lifelong monogamous relationship.” I don’t know what else to call it. It’s not love – that is something entirely different. I mean it’s great if you can love your partner in life. But I think we all know there are a lot of marriages/partnerships without love. Love is all about the soul – not the heart. The heart is about our physical lives – the need for monogamous relationships. It probably boils down to women being from Venus and men being from Mars. I don’t know why God separated us like that – into what a lot of people consider two different parts of the same soul. But I am absolutely certain that the word “love” has been violated, misused to represent those relationships. And that was really my intention for this song…. I’m so glad you stopped by Claudia….

  • Jennifer Wagner

    I agree with Claudia…sometimes we gotta let our head guide and guard our heart too…I enjoyed the feel, the emotion in your piece!

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