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Cave Man, Einstein, and Beyond

Can you imagine a group of cave men sitting around, huddled in a circle to keep warm, draped in dead animal skins to stay alive in the drastic cold of winter – when one of them suddenly stands up and says “There simply must be a way to create fire!”

There’s two ways to look at that:  One is that this cave man was simplistic – that fire was somehow “magic” and could only be started by lightning – and that if it were to be used for warmth and cooking then it must be kept aflame 24/7 – carried around with them as they nomadic-ally scoured the landscape.

The other way of looking at it is that this particular cave man noticed that fire usually only occurred in wood – and he also noticed  fire is incredibly hot.  I know in a way that sounds simplistic itself – but after having lived all these years i can tell you that not all cave men would have been able to put those two things together.  Just as most of their descendants today seem incapable of putting things together.  But this particular cave man put a third thing together with the other two things – the idea that rubbing two sticks together caused them to get hot.  Ergo his hypothesis was born – maybe heat could start fires – and not just lightning.  And the age of fire was born.

Man is generally stupid.  I’ll bet the elders in that cave-man group  who sat huddled together for warmth  laughed their asses off at the guy sitting over there feverishly rubbing two sticks together for what must have seemed like hours with no apparent result.  But when the result of fire did finally come they all probably got scared as hell and then probably killed that dude for practicing witchcraft.  Or they made him the “medicine man” and off in distant corners would whisper things like “That dude’s weird.”  Man is generally stupid.  And most definitely egotistical.  Even today most people think if they had lived back then that they themselves would have easily created fire.  But the truth is that almost all of them would have soon become frozen popsicles without that handful of men who did indeed put things together like wood, heat and two sticks rubbing.  Like the egotists we are – we all take credit for that though, don’t we?

Einstein had a particular knack for putting things together also.  He postulated that light, like fire, was not “magic” either.  He proposed that light particles had mass – an actual physical presence – and weight – and that light itself was not just some magical glow.  Several other scientists worked to prove that by determining that light rays bend as they pass planetary bodies – proving in fact that photons are indeed physical since they are affected by the planetary pull of gravity.

The next obvious step (in my opinion) is to de-magic-cize gravity.  Because no matter how I look at the definition of gravity – it is  simply defined as magic.  “Gravity exists because mass exists.”  To me that’s not a definition.  To me that’s like saying fire exists because lightning exists or that light exists because the sun exists.

If it looks like a duck, and if it quacks like a duck – sometimes it’s just a  duck.  The only thing in our entire world of knowledge that has the ability to attract something toward it is a magnet.  And I don’t care how the huddled idiots in our current circle want to hem and haw and nay say the whole magnetism/gravity thing.  The truth of the matter is that they are going to be completely shocked to see how this hypothesis is going to drastically change the curve of man’s technology.  And then they’ll take credit for it.





Magnetism, Science, and Human Traits

Have you ever caught yourself asking why something seems so archaic – and why are we doing it this way in 2015 since technology is greater than it’s ever been?  I catch myself doing that all the time.  And the reason is because our own technology – at the present moment – is always greater than yesterday.  Guys in 1900 thought they knew everything too.  Just like in 1492 – when a lot of people still thought the earth was flat.

And the big problem with each generation thinking they are the smartest things that ever lived is simply the big head that comes with that.  We have big heads too.  At this stage we must credit our past generations with most of our technology – for example – without having learned how to start fires we would never be able to burn fossil fuels in order to create the electricity that can make computer chips pass more data through them per second than what might be found in total at the Library of Congress.

“Well,” some of us might think, “it was our generation that did the hard work – creating the computer chip.”  That may be true – but the invention staircase from creating fire to creating the computer chip doesn’t contain just one step.  The fire maker to us.  It contains hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of tiny steps in-between the two.  I merely contend that they are mostly all equally impressive.  But I give the greater kudos to the guy rubbing two sticks together by accident or foresight.  Once photographic miniaturization and the silicon chips ability to contain gazillions of tiny little switches was recognized – I hold it wasn’t much of a leap to put that chip together.  Let’s face it.  All the cave man had to work with was two sticks.  Which do you think was the greatest achievement?

Most people would believe it is our current generation that deserves all the credit.  But our own generation really only add a few steps to the technology staircase.  In any event that tends to give us – and our edge-cutting scientists – big heads.  So when I mention that gravity is a farce the modern day nay-sayers point to the science they have found in books since they were 5 years old and say things like “NO!  Magnetism is NOT gravity – nor is gravity caused by magnetism.  The two are completely different forces and they don’t even have similar measurements!  Don’t bother us with your unscientific gibberish!”

My arguments to those scientists is a two part argument.  First: Books are a box.  And you need to climb out of that box from time to time to get a fresh snapshot of reality.  Think outside the box scientists!  If we only kept beliefs that were thoroughly believed then technology would never grow.  Failing to look beyond what we already know means we will never learn anything new.

Secondly – the appearance of two different forces is simply due to the fact that we have heretofore only recognized magnetism at it’s increased strength over the normal background strength of magnetism.  The earth – and every planet – have a base level of magnetism that is never measured.  Only the differences in magnetism have been measured up until now.

Here is a better way to explain it:  If you have a box full of rocks, and the scale is set to zero with nothing on it – then when we place the box of rocks on the scale it will weigh the box itself along with the rocks.    But if we first put the empty box on the scale – and then set the scale to zero – and then put the rocks into the box – we will only be weighing the rocks.  Not the box.  And that is how we have been measuring magnetism up until now : without that base strength.

When that is corrected we will find the two – magnetism and what we know of gravity – are exactly measured the same.

Another faulty assumption is that all equal mass creates equal gravity.  It doesn’t.  Magnetism is attracted more to certain elements than others.  So it is not simple mass that determines the strength of gravity – or magnetic strength – but planetary composition as well.  Which is why Einstein’s calculations in space never quite matched for gravity in his relativity theory and also why we are unable to predict exact speed at which far away galaxies are expanding.  The reason is that those predictions require calculations based on the earth’s composite gravity – and those far away bodies of mass will be different composite gravity – albeit differing only slightly depending on composition difference.

In any case –  once we open our eyes and see the truth we will be able to use that expansion of far away galaxies and planets to determine what the composition of those far away planets might be.  We merely reverse the calculations to solve for composition gravity.  Simultaneous insight into magnetism as a traveling force might also allow us to travel more quickly to those far away planets to utilize those elements as resources- or to find other worlds saturated in oxygen and possible life.

The possibilities are limitless.  It only requires us to stop being big headed and let go of false beliefs.  Like gravity or Pluto as a planet.  I’m surprised the scientific community adopted that one.

Aging and Magnetism

Getting old.  Rotting.  Decrepidation.  Some say there are only two things that are absolute in life: death and taxes.  But I think we should add falling apart to that list.

Everything we are, do, or build – will some day simply turn to dust.  It’s inevitable.  Men have tried for eons to find the fountain of youth – that one blessed thing that can keep us young forever – a feat to beat the inevitable end of decrepidation.  But they should have been searching for the cause of decrepidation instead of the cure – because the key is there.

Magnetons.  Extremely tiny little balls – smaller than quarks – are bombarding everything  that exists.  Each square millimeter of our skin probably gets blasted by trillions of them every second.  And they don’t stop there like photons from the sun.  Oh no.  Magnetons continue on  through the body completely unimpeded as they exit through us and dive into the earth’s crust.  The earth’s crust doesn’t stop them either.  And so I hold that this small magneton – tinier than probably any other single physical thing in the universe – while being able to transverse through anything anywhere at speeds around the speed of light – must be the most powerful thing ever.  I’d like to harness that power.  But today’s blog is about getting old.

So that’s why we eventually break down into dust.  We, and every living thing, are being sawn into dust by a constant bombardment of magnetons.

If all things were equal – and a skin cell born of a child could live without dying – then it would live forever – and forever be young.  But it doesn’t.  Why?  It doesn’t live forever because eventually it get’s completely bombarded by these little magneton balls and will die of decrepidation eventually.  And so the body – or life  – known for valiantly battling to maintain itself – creates new cells to replace the old ones before that death can occur.

“Well,” says the devil’s advocate,  “Why do we get old and wrinkle if cell’s are designed to make exact copies of themselves? ”

Magnetons have a charged particle that allows them to normally pass through atoms by gently pushing aside the protons and neutrons of each atom – allowing the magnetons to pass through atoms without damaging their inner workings – or that of molecules.  Unfortunately – that isn’t always the case.  The sheer number of magnetons passing through our bodies eventually causes the cell’s RNA to get slightly damaged – causing very slight deformation of the new cells.  Which accounts for normal wrinkling and aging.  And so the new cells are never exact copies of the original.

Cancer is created by carcinogens in the body that cause magnetons to become confused – carcinogens in the body cause the electrical charges within molecules to be in disarray – causing the magnetons to damage the RNA in far more severe ways then it normally would.

Believe this theory or not – to find the cure for aging one would only need to find a place shielded from magnetons and stay young forever.  And like every explorer has found before – there is no fountain of youth, because no known matter can shield us from magnetons.  They pass through everything.

“What about in ZERO gravity,” one might ask, “where there must not be any magnetons if the body is not pushed in any direction?”

Well, zero gravity in space is not really zero magnetons – it is more like equal force of magnetons pushing the body simultaneously from all directions leaving it in static space – merely giving the illusion of zero gravity.

In fact, the whole idea of gravity itself is an illusion.  As is the fountain of youth.


Magnetism and Toilets

Toilets!  How amazing have they made our lives?  I mean, come on – toilets are probably one of our most under-rated achievements.  Not only do these wonderful yet simple little appliances flush away things we would rather not deal with in life – but they also present phenomenal brain teasers.  Like why would the same toilet installed in America and Australia have swirlies that travel in opposite directions?  hmmmmmm….  you know, things like that.

The average scientist in this marvelous world where we are at the peak of technology would tell us that it is gravity – the great force that is the difference between the two toilet scenarios – without a whole lot of further explanation.  But if you have followed my train of thought then you already know that the idea of gravity is nothing but bunk – an entire science based on observation that is still without understanding.  So it must simply be a magical force – right?  And unicorns exist on the moon.

A European science satellite launched in 2009 and in service until 2012 – called GOCE – was sent up to study the earths gravitational field.  By utilizing the earths pull upon itself as it rotated around the Earth for 3 years allowed it to map gravity – or to show spots where gravity is stronger and weaker.  As I’ve said before – the force of gravity – or what I call magnetism – is not uniform around the globe.

“Gravity” believers stick to their guns that “mass” causes gravity – and you can see by the image below that indeed those spots with thicker Earth’s crust are stronger – while those areas with thinner Earth’s crust are least strong.  The only difference between “gravity believers” and myself is that I know what causes gravity.  Mass is part of it – but it is carbon. In masses.  A lot of carbon is more magnetic than a little carbon.  OK….  although space satellites indeed are rocket science – figuring out gravity is just common sense.


By looking at the gravity map above from GOCE we can see there are two very high gravitational orange spots and one spot actually negative gravity – the blue area.  Now – just change the word “gravity” to magnetons – and it will make better sense.

For example, common thought about the earths magnetic field is that magnetic flow enters one pole of the earth – travel through the earth – and then exit through the other pole – making constant circular motions and also being absorbed by other land masses as it travels – for instance the green and yellow areas.    And this map only changes that by showing that the hot and cold spots are not necessarily at the poles – but close.

If magnetons rapidly exit the blue area and are immediately attracted to the red area just east – then it would cause Australian toilets to flush clockwise – because the “push” force of the magnetons are passing over Australia from upper left to upper right.  Conversely – the same magneton flow from the blue area to east of the US would cause clockwise movement of the water because the flow is mostly northwestern over the top of the country.

So you see?  It’s not magic.  It is simply tiny, unseen magnetons – smaller than quarks – blasting through the water molecules at such an angle, speed and intensity as to affect the flow of water.   Very simple to understand – it doesn’t rely on the magic of some unknown thing like gravity.  Magnetons are physically pushing the water molecules.  And they push all molecules, including our own.

The bottom line with this GOCE gravity picture is self evident to me.  If we can discover what elements are found in the red and blue spots – we will be a lot closer to finding the elements we need to harness “anti-gravity devices” – or which I prefer to call in less magical terms – magnetic forces – that will rocket us into future speeds not previously even thought of.  So yeah, it’s rocket science – but simple rocket science.

Earlier I called this a wonderful world at the height of our technological knowledge.  That sounds impressive, doesn’t it?  But it shouldn’t.  Because every generation can make the same claim all the way back to the day man invented a way to create fire.  The fire thing was pretty cool – but the other parts of his life and world were pretty simple.  And trust me – those who hang onto the magical theory of gravity will be seen by those in the future to be just as ignorant as those who once believed the world was flat.

Earth’s Polarity and Magnetism

Up until now the description of my hypothesis of magnetism as the basis of gravity has been simple – perhaps too simple.  And no one appears to be following the thread – so at once I feel unencumbered by humility and able to fully express the idea while at the same time hopeful that some young future scientist will spark an interest.

And one of the most important things of such research is not to simply debunk the age old notion of gravity –  (but will add that our speed and travel technology is stifled by the archaic belief in gravity, so it is important as well) – but the most important thing about changing our course of thought toward magnetism vs. gravity is electricity.

Nicola Tesla had difficulty in explaining this, but he said generally that he simply had an acute awareness of electrical phenomena.  Which is what inspired him – I suppose – to develop the alternating current generator – somehow intrinsically understanding that AC could travel longer distances along conduit wire than DC – which was an absolute necessary element for bringing electricity into society.  At the time it was just not feasible to build a DC generator for every square mile or half mile,  so the AC generator was able to keep costs down by requiring fewer of them and therefore electricity became affordable.   What is amazing is that he could have known that before the AC generator was actually built and tested.  He did seem to have a gift for understanding electricity.  I believe I have a similar understanding – though much more elementary that Tesla’s.  I’d like to share that here – but find as much difficulty in explaining it as Tesla himself probably did.

Magnetism surrounds us.  Period.  Many people believe that our earth’s core – a molten hot lava – is responsible for our magnetic field.  I disagree.  At temperatures that hot any permanent magnet can not maintain it’s strength.  In fact it would become useless.  Science tends to assume things – and here it assumes that several hundred thousand square cubic miles of molten lava would produce a different affect than an eight ounce magnet melted in our own smelting pot.  Why would there be a difference?  Why would the larger produce a magnetic field while the smaller one loses it’s own magnetic field?  Common sense predicts the affect would be the same.

So I believe the magnetic properties of Earth come from the area between the crust and the lava.  And that there are differences in makeup of different parts of that area – leaving some spots more magnetic than others.

I further believe that magnetic particles – much like photons – are a physical thing – an actual tiny little particle that moves through space and time exactly like photons.  As evidenced early by Einstein – light is simply not a magical glowing thing – but very tiny particles shooting through space – reflecting off of things – and then redirected into the retina – which translates them into sight.  As such I believe magnetic particles exist as well – and I call them magnetons.  Far too tiny to see they blast through our bodies at billions or trillions of times per second.   In fact they blast through everything – unimpeded – unlike photons which can only penetrate so far into certain materials.  Magnetons are able to travel faster through certain materials – like materials we have come to know as permanent magnets.  The overall result of magnetons traveling through these magnets allows us to observe them in an extremely condensed way – and to note the affects of what they can do en-mass.  We translate that as push and pull – because we are stupid humans.  But my hypothesis is that they are only push – while being attracted to certain materials.

As such – to understand the hypothesis better with magnetons being only “push” – it might be easier to understand our bodies – and everything affected by gravity on our planet – as wind sails.  As magnetons pierce through our bodies they near-collide with electrons in our chemical make-up – or any rock’s chemical make-up – or bird or dog or plane – gently pushing it – or us – toward the magneton’s attractant:  The earth’s crust.  Hence:  The physical reason for gravity.

Of course that begs the question: How is this important to electricity?  Well, Tesla believed that he could generate electricity into the earth’s atmosphere and then pull it back out at random places.  Although he never accomplished it – the hypothesis I just laid out might explain his very thought processes.

Magnetism is indeed all around us all the time.  We also know through every controlled laboratory experiment that electricity can not be created without magnetism.  And so the circular argument is that magnetism in the atmosphere can be converted into electricity.  And the bottom line of all this reasoning is that electricity running through a wire is nothing more than controlled magnetons running a loop through their attractant conduit.  The generator creates a stream of condensed magnetons and the motor gets pushed by them.  (Or the light filament gets heated by them.)  In short – electrons are magnetons.  When condensed into a strong stream they are capable of pushing great loads.

To further the understanding I should say that is why DC does not practically harm us.  It simply travels through our bodies like any other stream of magnetons and then into the attractant earth.  AC on the other hand – especially at cycles near our own human nervous system cycles – can excite our body’s protons to such a degree – and at such speed that they heat up and burn our flesh.  And at what often seems instantaneously.

Like Tesla I believe we can build conduits to harness the atmosphere’s magnetons into streams strong enough to push motors and light homes.  It is simply a matter of trial and error – like Edison’s light bulb filament.   We must use different elements and combination of elements until we find the right ones.  And when found we can return to DC – because then it would be feasible for each home to have their own generators – and AC will no longer be needed.  So in the long run both Edison and Tesla were correct – at least in the context of the current scientific beliefs at the time – but also slightly wrong because they were both stifled by the generally idiotic beliefs in magical gravity.  Gravity is not magical.  It is magnetons.  Understanding that will bring us light years ahead of where we are now.


Carbon Based Life Forms

One of my favorite things to have learned from Gene Rodenberry – famous science fiction writer, futurist, and creator of the original Star Trek television series, is the notion of “Carbon Based Life Forms.”  In later renditions of the Star Trek phenomena several mentions were made of alien beings and one of the first things that the star-ship’s detectors were to determine was if these creatures were “Carbon Based Life Forms,” (or I suppose similar to our own bodies or animals from our planet.)  And I further guess that information was needed to help determine if the creatures were sentient – or capable of thought and aware of their own existence.  As an ardent Star Trek fan it always fascinated me that the writers could go to such immense depth in their analysis.

But then one day it hit me – and I mean it hit me like an apple falling from a tree right onto my head- ALL THINGS ON OUR PLANET ARE CARBON BASED.  So at first I just thought the writers had a small flaw in their fictitious space exploration – not realizing that all things are carbon based.  Because what else could things possibly be if they are not carbon based?  And that made me think even more:  Oh my – there might be things that are NOT carbon based out there somewhere – we just haven’t found them yet.  How could we know about things we don’t know about?

So if these non-carbon based things exist then why have they not drifted to our planet?  Why have we never seen them?

This is my conclusion:  Our planet is a magnet.  All planets are magnets.  They attract carbon based things that float through the universe – including cosmic dust which enters our atmosphere in increments of 100 to 300 metric tons per day.   Hence – that’s why things from long ago are buried under deep layers of soil.  They didn’t sink into the soil – they were very slowly covered by new soil coming in from the cosmos and being shifted about by tectonic movements and forces like weather.  (

Scientists also believe that we are losing about 50 thousand metric tons of mass every year also – though they don’t seem to be clear on why.  In the article referenced below they mention that the earth’s core is very slowly cooling – which might allow for the earth’s gravitational pull (or what I call magnetic pull) to decrease by about 6% each year.  The biggest loss of mass comes form the slow escape of hydrogen and helium – which are very light carbon based forms.  As the earth’s pull becomes weaker – more and more of these gasses escape.

And if we follow that logic then at some point the planet’s pull will become so weak that it will not be able to contain oxygen within it’s atmosphere either – slowly reducing the amount of water available for life to grow.  And after a very long time you have a planet like Mars – which is apparently dead but at one time did have water (and hence oxygen) allowing biological life forms to develop.

What amazes me is how incredibly simple this hypothesis is.  All planets are magnets.  They hold carbon based things – like us – and keep us from flying off into space.  And so why do scientists not see this very simple thing?  Why do they hang onto the fairy tale idea of some magical thing called gravity – which can not be seen or heard – tasted or felt – nor observed in any way other than conjecture?  The fact is that if they would simply entertain the hypothesis long enough to study it they would soon be developing things that will indeed allow us – and ships – to fly away from earth with little to no fuel whatsoever…..  But they only know what they know and therefore what they don’t know could not possibly exist in their minds.  And so the only thing that will eventually save us all from dying on a dead planet similar to our sister Mars – which will continue to happen sooner or later if we continue losing 6% of our power every year – (albeit eons away) is the stamina of our scientists idiotic egos.

Will they ever come to admit they are wrong about gravity and finally start researching in the right direction?  Unknown.