Carbon Based Life Forms

One of my favorite things to have learned from Gene Rodenberry – famous science fiction writer, futurist, and creator of the original Star Trek television series, is the notion of “Carbon Based Life Forms.”  In later renditions of the Star Trek phenomena several mentions were made of alien beings and one of the first things that the star-ship’s detectors were to determine was if these creatures were “Carbon Based Life Forms,” (or I suppose similar to our own bodies or animals from our planet.)  And I further guess that information was needed to help determine if the creatures were sentient – or capable of thought and aware of their own existence.  As an ardent Star Trek fan it always fascinated me that the writers could go to such immense depth in their analysis.

But then one day it hit me – and I mean it hit me like an apple falling from a tree right onto my head- ALL THINGS ON OUR PLANET ARE CARBON BASED.  So at first I just thought the writers had a small flaw in their fictitious space exploration – not realizing that all things are carbon based.  Because what else could things possibly be if they are not carbon based?  And that made me think even more:  Oh my – there might be things that are NOT carbon based out there somewhere – we just haven’t found them yet.  How could we know about things we don’t know about?

So if these non-carbon based things exist then why have they not drifted to our planet?  Why have we never seen them?

This is my conclusion:  Our planet is a magnet.  All planets are magnets.  They attract carbon based things that float through the universe – including cosmic dust which enters our atmosphere in increments of 100 to 300 metric tons per day.   Hence – that’s why things from long ago are buried under deep layers of soil.  They didn’t sink into the soil – they were very slowly covered by new soil coming in from the cosmos and being shifted about by tectonic movements and forces like weather.  (

Scientists also believe that we are losing about 50 thousand metric tons of mass every year also – though they don’t seem to be clear on why.  In the article referenced below they mention that the earth’s core is very slowly cooling – which might allow for the earth’s gravitational pull (or what I call magnetic pull) to decrease by about 6% each year.  The biggest loss of mass comes form the slow escape of hydrogen and helium – which are very light carbon based forms.  As the earth’s pull becomes weaker – more and more of these gasses escape.

And if we follow that logic then at some point the planet’s pull will become so weak that it will not be able to contain oxygen within it’s atmosphere either – slowly reducing the amount of water available for life to grow.  And after a very long time you have a planet like Mars – which is apparently dead but at one time did have water (and hence oxygen) allowing biological life forms to develop.

What amazes me is how incredibly simple this hypothesis is.  All planets are magnets.  They hold carbon based things – like us – and keep us from flying off into space.  And so why do scientists not see this very simple thing?  Why do they hang onto the fairy tale idea of some magical thing called gravity – which can not be seen or heard – tasted or felt – nor observed in any way other than conjecture?  The fact is that if they would simply entertain the hypothesis long enough to study it they would soon be developing things that will indeed allow us – and ships – to fly away from earth with little to no fuel whatsoever…..  But they only know what they know and therefore what they don’t know could not possibly exist in their minds.  And so the only thing that will eventually save us all from dying on a dead planet similar to our sister Mars – which will continue to happen sooner or later if we continue losing 6% of our power every year – (albeit eons away) is the stamina of our scientists idiotic egos.

Will they ever come to admit they are wrong about gravity and finally start researching in the right direction?  Unknown.

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  • johnallenrichter

    The interesting thing about this scenario is that permanent magnets lose strength when heated – not when cooled. Which in this case would mean (since we appear to be experiencing loss of mass at an increasing rate) the earth’s core is getting hotter, not cooler – And so that simply points to something that is most obvious – and which the science of gravity has yet to accept or recognize – which is that planetary gravity is not due to simple mass alone – but to chemical make-up as well. Gasses are lighter than most solids. Who didn’t know that? Which begs the question – why would we base our mathematical formulas of gravity on distant planets in distant galaxies on the formulas developed for the earth’s gravitational footprint? Surely those distant planets don’t have the exact same make-up as earth – perhaps a few less tons of iron or a few more tons of sodium. In any case the make-up isn’t exactly the same. Definitely close – but as far as Einstein’s theory of relativity – no cigar for gravity. Weight is simply a function of the push or pull phenomenon of magnetism. Once we embrace this hypothesis and use it as a base for exploration I believe we will find that an anti-magnetic device – not an anti-gravitational device – is what we will need to develop for travel at the speed of light. Which is impossible anyway. I think only photons and magnetons can travel at those kinds of speeds without disintegrating. But it would be interesting to find out. Our current course of thought won’t take us there – I’m certain of that.

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