Earth’s Polarity and Magnetism

Up until now the description of my hypothesis of magnetism as the basis of gravity has been simple – perhaps too simple.  And no one appears to be following the thread – so at once I feel unencumbered by humility and able to fully express the idea while at the same time hopeful that some young future scientist will spark an interest.

And one of the most important things of such research is not to simply debunk the age old notion of gravity –  (but will add that our speed and travel technology is stifled by the archaic belief in gravity, so it is important as well) – but the most important thing about changing our course of thought toward magnetism vs. gravity is electricity.

Nicola Tesla had difficulty in explaining this, but he said generally that he simply had an acute awareness of electrical phenomena.  Which is what inspired him – I suppose – to develop the alternating current generator – somehow intrinsically understanding that AC could travel longer distances along conduit wire than DC – which was an absolute necessary element for bringing electricity into society.  At the time it was just not feasible to build a DC generator for every square mile or half mile,  so the AC generator was able to keep costs down by requiring fewer of them and therefore electricity became affordable.   What is amazing is that he could have known that before the AC generator was actually built and tested.  He did seem to have a gift for understanding electricity.  I believe I have a similar understanding – though much more elementary that Tesla’s.  I’d like to share that here – but find as much difficulty in explaining it as Tesla himself probably did.

Magnetism surrounds us.  Period.  Many people believe that our earth’s core – a molten hot lava – is responsible for our magnetic field.  I disagree.  At temperatures that hot any permanent magnet can not maintain it’s strength.  In fact it would become useless.  Science tends to assume things – and here it assumes that several hundred thousand square cubic miles of molten lava would produce a different affect than an eight ounce magnet melted in our own smelting pot.  Why would there be a difference?  Why would the larger produce a magnetic field while the smaller one loses it’s own magnetic field?  Common sense predicts the affect would be the same.

So I believe the magnetic properties of Earth come from the area between the crust and the lava.  And that there are differences in makeup of different parts of that area – leaving some spots more magnetic than others.

I further believe that magnetic particles – much like photons – are a physical thing – an actual tiny little particle that moves through space and time exactly like photons.  As evidenced early by Einstein – light is simply not a magical glowing thing – but very tiny particles shooting through space – reflecting off of things – and then redirected into the retina – which translates them into sight.  As such I believe magnetic particles exist as well – and I call them magnetons.  Far too tiny to see they blast through our bodies at billions or trillions of times per second.   In fact they blast through everything – unimpeded – unlike photons which can only penetrate so far into certain materials.  Magnetons are able to travel faster through certain materials – like materials we have come to know as permanent magnets.  The overall result of magnetons traveling through these magnets allows us to observe them in an extremely condensed way – and to note the affects of what they can do en-mass.  We translate that as push and pull – because we are stupid humans.  But my hypothesis is that they are only push – while being attracted to certain materials.

As such – to understand the hypothesis better with magnetons being only “push” – it might be easier to understand our bodies – and everything affected by gravity on our planet – as wind sails.  As magnetons pierce through our bodies they near-collide with electrons in our chemical make-up – or any rock’s chemical make-up – or bird or dog or plane – gently pushing it – or us – toward the magneton’s attractant:  The earth’s crust.  Hence:  The physical reason for gravity.

Of course that begs the question: How is this important to electricity?  Well, Tesla believed that he could generate electricity into the earth’s atmosphere and then pull it back out at random places.  Although he never accomplished it – the hypothesis I just laid out might explain his very thought processes.

Magnetism is indeed all around us all the time.  We also know through every controlled laboratory experiment that electricity can not be created without magnetism.  And so the circular argument is that magnetism in the atmosphere can be converted into electricity.  And the bottom line of all this reasoning is that electricity running through a wire is nothing more than controlled magnetons running a loop through their attractant conduit.  The generator creates a stream of condensed magnetons and the motor gets pushed by them.  (Or the light filament gets heated by them.)  In short – electrons are magnetons.  When condensed into a strong stream they are capable of pushing great loads.

To further the understanding I should say that is why DC does not practically harm us.  It simply travels through our bodies like any other stream of magnetons and then into the attractant earth.  AC on the other hand – especially at cycles near our own human nervous system cycles – can excite our body’s protons to such a degree – and at such speed that they heat up and burn our flesh.  And at what often seems instantaneously.

Like Tesla I believe we can build conduits to harness the atmosphere’s magnetons into streams strong enough to push motors and light homes.  It is simply a matter of trial and error – like Edison’s light bulb filament.   We must use different elements and combination of elements until we find the right ones.  And when found we can return to DC – because then it would be feasible for each home to have their own generators – and AC will no longer be needed.  So in the long run both Edison and Tesla were correct – at least in the context of the current scientific beliefs at the time – but also slightly wrong because they were both stifled by the generally idiotic beliefs in magical gravity.  Gravity is not magical.  It is magnetons.  Understanding that will bring us light years ahead of where we are now.



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One response to “Earth’s Polarity and Magnetism

  • Ron Black

    Dear J. T., I mean John Boy, I have believed the very same thing for years. Everything has carbon in it, even our bodies, thats why we stick to the earth. Nice job. Ron. .

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