Magnetism and Toilets

Toilets!  How amazing have they made our lives?  I mean, come on – toilets are probably one of our most under-rated achievements.  Not only do these wonderful yet simple little appliances flush away things we would rather not deal with in life – but they also present phenomenal brain teasers.  Like why would the same toilet installed in America and Australia have swirlies that travel in opposite directions?  hmmmmmm….  you know, things like that.

The average scientist in this marvelous world where we are at the peak of technology would tell us that it is gravity – the great force that is the difference between the two toilet scenarios – without a whole lot of further explanation.  But if you have followed my train of thought then you already know that the idea of gravity is nothing but bunk – an entire science based on observation that is still without understanding.  So it must simply be a magical force – right?  And unicorns exist on the moon.

A European science satellite launched in 2009 and in service until 2012 – called GOCE – was sent up to study the earths gravitational field.  By utilizing the earths pull upon itself as it rotated around the Earth for 3 years allowed it to map gravity – or to show spots where gravity is stronger and weaker.  As I’ve said before – the force of gravity – or what I call magnetism – is not uniform around the globe.

“Gravity” believers stick to their guns that “mass” causes gravity – and you can see by the image below that indeed those spots with thicker Earth’s crust are stronger – while those areas with thinner Earth’s crust are least strong.  The only difference between “gravity believers” and myself is that I know what causes gravity.  Mass is part of it – but it is carbon. In masses.  A lot of carbon is more magnetic than a little carbon.  OK….  although space satellites indeed are rocket science – figuring out gravity is just common sense.


By looking at the gravity map above from GOCE we can see there are two very high gravitational orange spots and one spot actually negative gravity – the blue area.  Now – just change the word “gravity” to magnetons – and it will make better sense.

For example, common thought about the earths magnetic field is that magnetic flow enters one pole of the earth – travel through the earth – and then exit through the other pole – making constant circular motions and also being absorbed by other land masses as it travels – for instance the green and yellow areas.    And this map only changes that by showing that the hot and cold spots are not necessarily at the poles – but close.

If magnetons rapidly exit the blue area and are immediately attracted to the red area just east – then it would cause Australian toilets to flush clockwise – because the “push” force of the magnetons are passing over Australia from upper left to upper right.  Conversely – the same magneton flow from the blue area to east of the US would cause clockwise movement of the water because the flow is mostly northwestern over the top of the country.

So you see?  It’s not magic.  It is simply tiny, unseen magnetons – smaller than quarks – blasting through the water molecules at such an angle, speed and intensity as to affect the flow of water.   Very simple to understand – it doesn’t rely on the magic of some unknown thing like gravity.  Magnetons are physically pushing the water molecules.  And they push all molecules, including our own.

The bottom line with this GOCE gravity picture is self evident to me.  If we can discover what elements are found in the red and blue spots – we will be a lot closer to finding the elements we need to harness “anti-gravity devices” – or which I prefer to call in less magical terms – magnetic forces – that will rocket us into future speeds not previously even thought of.  So yeah, it’s rocket science – but simple rocket science.

Earlier I called this a wonderful world at the height of our technological knowledge.  That sounds impressive, doesn’t it?  But it shouldn’t.  Because every generation can make the same claim all the way back to the day man invented a way to create fire.  The fire thing was pretty cool – but the other parts of his life and world were pretty simple.  And trust me – those who hang onto the magical theory of gravity will be seen by those in the future to be just as ignorant as those who once believed the world was flat.


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