Aging and Magnetism

Getting old.  Rotting.  Decrepidation.  Some say there are only two things that are absolute in life: death and taxes.  But I think we should add falling apart to that list.

Everything we are, do, or build – will some day simply turn to dust.  It’s inevitable.  Men have tried for eons to find the fountain of youth – that one blessed thing that can keep us young forever – a feat to beat the inevitable end of decrepidation.  But they should have been searching for the cause of decrepidation instead of the cure – because the key is there.

Magnetons.  Extremely tiny little balls – smaller than quarks – are bombarding everything  that exists.  Each square millimeter of our skin probably gets blasted by trillions of them every second.  And they don’t stop there like photons from the sun.  Oh no.  Magnetons continue on  through the body completely unimpeded as they exit through us and dive into the earth’s crust.  The earth’s crust doesn’t stop them either.  And so I hold that this small magneton – tinier than probably any other single physical thing in the universe – while being able to transverse through anything anywhere at speeds around the speed of light – must be the most powerful thing ever.  I’d like to harness that power.  But today’s blog is about getting old.

So that’s why we eventually break down into dust.  We, and every living thing, are being sawn into dust by a constant bombardment of magnetons.

If all things were equal – and a skin cell born of a child could live without dying – then it would live forever – and forever be young.  But it doesn’t.  Why?  It doesn’t live forever because eventually it get’s completely bombarded by these little magneton balls and will die of decrepidation eventually.  And so the body – or life  – known for valiantly battling to maintain itself – creates new cells to replace the old ones before that death can occur.

“Well,” says the devil’s advocate,  “Why do we get old and wrinkle if cell’s are designed to make exact copies of themselves? ”

Magnetons have a charged particle that allows them to normally pass through atoms by gently pushing aside the protons and neutrons of each atom – allowing the magnetons to pass through atoms without damaging their inner workings – or that of molecules.  Unfortunately – that isn’t always the case.  The sheer number of magnetons passing through our bodies eventually causes the cell’s RNA to get slightly damaged – causing very slight deformation of the new cells.  Which accounts for normal wrinkling and aging.  And so the new cells are never exact copies of the original.

Cancer is created by carcinogens in the body that cause magnetons to become confused – carcinogens in the body cause the electrical charges within molecules to be in disarray – causing the magnetons to damage the RNA in far more severe ways then it normally would.

Believe this theory or not – to find the cure for aging one would only need to find a place shielded from magnetons and stay young forever.  And like every explorer has found before – there is no fountain of youth, because no known matter can shield us from magnetons.  They pass through everything.

“What about in ZERO gravity,” one might ask, “where there must not be any magnetons if the body is not pushed in any direction?”

Well, zero gravity in space is not really zero magnetons – it is more like equal force of magnetons pushing the body simultaneously from all directions leaving it in static space – merely giving the illusion of zero gravity.

In fact, the whole idea of gravity itself is an illusion.  As is the fountain of youth.



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