Magnetism, Science, and Human Traits

Have you ever caught yourself asking why something seems so archaic – and why are we doing it this way in 2015 since technology is greater than it’s ever been?  I catch myself doing that all the time.  And the reason is because our own technology – at the present moment – is always greater than yesterday.  Guys in 1900 thought they knew everything too.  Just like in 1492 – when a lot of people still thought the earth was flat.

And the big problem with each generation thinking they are the smartest things that ever lived is simply the big head that comes with that.  We have big heads too.  At this stage we must credit our past generations with most of our technology – for example – without having learned how to start fires we would never be able to burn fossil fuels in order to create the electricity that can make computer chips pass more data through them per second than what might be found in total at the Library of Congress.

“Well,” some of us might think, “it was our generation that did the hard work – creating the computer chip.”  That may be true – but the invention staircase from creating fire to creating the computer chip doesn’t contain just one step.  The fire maker to us.  It contains hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of tiny steps in-between the two.  I merely contend that they are mostly all equally impressive.  But I give the greater kudos to the guy rubbing two sticks together by accident or foresight.  Once photographic miniaturization and the silicon chips ability to contain gazillions of tiny little switches was recognized – I hold it wasn’t much of a leap to put that chip together.  Let’s face it.  All the cave man had to work with was two sticks.  Which do you think was the greatest achievement?

Most people would believe it is our current generation that deserves all the credit.  But our own generation really only add a few steps to the technology staircase.  In any event that tends to give us – and our edge-cutting scientists – big heads.  So when I mention that gravity is a farce the modern day nay-sayers point to the science they have found in books since they were 5 years old and say things like “NO!  Magnetism is NOT gravity – nor is gravity caused by magnetism.  The two are completely different forces and they don’t even have similar measurements!  Don’t bother us with your unscientific gibberish!”

My arguments to those scientists is a two part argument.  First: Books are a box.  And you need to climb out of that box from time to time to get a fresh snapshot of reality.  Think outside the box scientists!  If we only kept beliefs that were thoroughly believed then technology would never grow.  Failing to look beyond what we already know means we will never learn anything new.

Secondly – the appearance of two different forces is simply due to the fact that we have heretofore only recognized magnetism at it’s increased strength over the normal background strength of magnetism.  The earth – and every planet – have a base level of magnetism that is never measured.  Only the differences in magnetism have been measured up until now.

Here is a better way to explain it:  If you have a box full of rocks, and the scale is set to zero with nothing on it – then when we place the box of rocks on the scale it will weigh the box itself along with the rocks.    But if we first put the empty box on the scale – and then set the scale to zero – and then put the rocks into the box – we will only be weighing the rocks.  Not the box.  And that is how we have been measuring magnetism up until now : without that base strength.

When that is corrected we will find the two – magnetism and what we know of gravity – are exactly measured the same.

Another faulty assumption is that all equal mass creates equal gravity.  It doesn’t.  Magnetism is attracted more to certain elements than others.  So it is not simple mass that determines the strength of gravity – or magnetic strength – but planetary composition as well.  Which is why Einstein’s calculations in space never quite matched for gravity in his relativity theory and also why we are unable to predict exact speed at which far away galaxies are expanding.  The reason is that those predictions require calculations based on the earth’s composite gravity – and those far away bodies of mass will be different composite gravity – albeit differing only slightly depending on composition difference.

In any case –  once we open our eyes and see the truth we will be able to use that expansion of far away galaxies and planets to determine what the composition of those far away planets might be.  We merely reverse the calculations to solve for composition gravity.  Simultaneous insight into magnetism as a traveling force might also allow us to travel more quickly to those far away planets to utilize those elements as resources- or to find other worlds saturated in oxygen and possible life.

The possibilities are limitless.  It only requires us to stop being big headed and let go of false beliefs.  Like gravity or Pluto as a planet.  I’m surprised the scientific community adopted that one.


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