Daily Archives: February 11, 2016

The Flaw

I run and run, run and run…
how far I run to find myself –
exhausted but exalted –
Away from those of strictest knowledge!

“Now hear this boy –
as we did before you –
For this is knoweldge –
and the only knowledge.
There is no more
and there is no less.
We need no adding and
we need no subtracting.
It is what it is and
what it has always been.
More over-
it will always be.
–  The same.
For you, for me.
No inbetween.
No ‘What if’s or but what’s….’
You’ll swallow it whole
and then you’ll grow –
to be happy.
And on that day when
you’ve grown old,
and all your stories
have been told –
You’ll give the youngsters this –
with nothing amiss –
and it will always be again.”

But, but – I must run and run.
For there is nothing – ‘cept for
“What if’s” and “But what’s” chasing me.

I see the flaw.
It is human.