Unified Relativity (of energy)

What does that mean?  Unified Relativity?  Sometimes I think there are 50,000 different meanings to it and none being close to the other.

In John Richter language “Unified Relativity” means the ability to tie all forms of energy into a single source.  So a photon streaming at us from the sun has the same origin as  magnetic flux around the moon, which has the same origin as an electron flowing through a copper electrical wire, which has the same origin as a tsunami wave force, which has the same origin as gale force winds – and on and on and on and on until we have enumerated every harvestable source of energy known to man – and then throw in a few more because I’m certain that we haven’t discovered them all yet.  In any case the key word is origin  (if I haven’t made that clear enough with all the italicizing, bolding and underlining.)  I’m saying that all of these sources of power, in fact life itself, can be traced back to a single source of power – a single thing that enabled all of them to become viable.  I believe that common thread is neutrinos.  I would call that “the God particle” if those dudes smashing quarks in billion dollar underground tunnels didn’t already steal that handle for their useless findings.

So for the record, no, I don’t believe all of these different sources of viable energy are the same.  A gasoline powered engine is nothing like a momentous or gnarly wave for surfing in Hawaii.  But neutrinos in different reactions with different atoms in different ways cause both to exhibit the different things we can observe from them both.  In other words, I believe neutrinos should be added to the periodic table of elements because I believe neutrinos are a catalyst – or somehow involved with the completion of every chemical reaction in the universe.  And everything we know, see, hear, feel, taste or everything we physically are  is due to chemical reactions.

Also for the record, no, I am not trying to prove Einstein’s Theory of Relativity incorrect.  Quite to the contrary I think he was absolutely correct in everything he accomplished.  But he was not able to unify gravity with his other modes of energy through his Unified Theory of Relativity.  It wasn’t due to his failure or anything he calculated wrongly.  He simply did not have sufficient information on gravity to complete the task.  And neither do we 100 years later.  Which is hampering our progress, btw.

There is something missing, something we are overlooking in our quest to completely understand gravity.  The most obvious thing to me is that gravity is closely related to magnetism, so I think our research should travel in that direction.  Most scientists I’ve talked to or have seen answering the gravity/magnetism question vehemently deny that the two are related, stating basically that the two can not be measured with the same instruments – ergo – not the same.  Voltage and amperage are not the same either, but they both are electric.  And they also each require specialized instruments to measure them.  So could magnetism and gravity be related at least in the same way that voltage and amps are related?

Here’s a hint to what I’m saying for any future scientists: neutrinos cause electricity, atomic chemical reactions, magnetism, and electricity.  And there is no doubt in my mind that they cause magnetism, which causes electricity and gravity, which are both chemical reactions.  It’s a complete repeating circle.  Unified relativity.  Neutrinos are the key.



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