Electric Universe

The “Electric Universe” theory is one which alters a little from the standard beliefs in the astrophysical arena.  But not by much.

Debunkers refer to the “Electric Universe” gaining momentum on the internet, which is about like saying that it must only be believed by crazy stalkers and child molesters.  When a debunking blog starts out like that I’m certain the findings are going to be biased.  So what is the Electric Universe?

First of all it was pioneered long before the internet was even a thing.  Secondly it dismisses some major currently held beliefs in a wholesale way, which I think pisses off most main-streamers.  Some believers think that neutrinos and sub-atomic particles don’t exist, and that stars are not run by fission but more like florescent lights gas illumination.

I say so far neither side has absolutely proven their point.  And that is my very point here.  We should never limit our selves to currently held beliefs because they can be wrong.  And yes, it’s hard to leave the bias outside the door.  But we must do it to move forward.  WE DON’T ALREADY KNOW EVERYTHING WE WILL EVER KNOW.   WE DON’T KNOW WHAT WE DON’T KNOW.

So never get into arguments with closed minded people.  They are only protecting their very structured worlds by arguments against new theories.  People like that have been around for centuries.  They were the ones who scoffed at Christopher Columbus, Galileo, and other forward thinking men.  Some of these forward thinkers were actually put to death for not following mainstream science beliefs.  Can you imagine that?

In short just remember that arguing with idiots is a lot like playing chess with pigeons.  They will only knock all the pieces over, crap on the board, and strut around like they won the game anyway.

Visit youtube and see this tetra-hedron magnetic field which comes from a magnet.  Then look at the space picture from Nasa below to see if they look similar. Can you see the magnetic flux lines in the photographs?  Be aware that the space photos show several magnetic fields interacting, not just a single one.  Now you decide if gravity is not in fact magnetism.



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