Quack Me This?

Current science supposes that man-made magnets are many times more powerful than the Earth’s magnetic field.  That little gem aligns with another assumption that man-made magnets are THE SAME THING as the Earth’s magnetic field.

If these things were true then……  wouldn’t a man-made magnet cling to the Earth, instead of allowing us to pick it up with our hands and with no more force than a non-magnetic object of the same shape and size?  There is usually a definite force holding magnets together when we try to separate them.  Why isn’t that true between a magnet and the Earth if both are just magnets?

Or in the very least ——–  wouldn’t  a magnet fall from a predetermined height a little faster than a non-magnetized chunk of metal the same size?  (Given that the magnetized metal would have more attraction to magnetic Earth?)

I believe that the Earth’s magnetic field is not the same as lode-stone or man-made magnetic material.  Similar, perhaps, in that man-made magnets can interact with the Earth’s magnetic field – such as pointing to the North Pole – but not exactly the same force.  The two simply must be different forces.

The very simple questions above absolutely prove that difference in my opinion.  Our current thought about gravity being a different valid force has made us incapable of seeing the simplicity of it.   If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it is probably a duck.  And the whole noisy notion of gravity is screaming that “no it isn’t a duck!  Look – a magnet is not attracted to a leaf – therefore there must be some magical notion we shall call gravity that holds the tree to the earth and the earth to the sun and the sun to milky way and on and on and on”…. ad infinitum…..

Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to jump to conclusions.

Gravity is simply magnetism that we don’t understand yet.  And we never will understand it if we don’t look for it.  Putting faith in a magical fairy that keeps all things aligned in the universe is stealing our ability to see the duck.  And frankly it is stifling technology.


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