Daily Archives: April 4, 2016

Science, Poetry, and Spirituality

For those of you – if any – familiar with my blog you know that I have interests in poetry and science.  Those things are fun but the most important thing to me is spirituality.  And the other two should never take precedence.

Poetry is just something I do.  I don’t know why.  The few cavemen who took the time to draw pictures on cave walls probably didn’t know why they did that either.  It just comes from something inside.  I think all of us have that one thing that when we find it – makes us pretty happy.

Spirituality is different.  Spirituality is a cognizant duty to each other.  Many things in our feeble human attempts to do good can actually become “stumbling blocks”   for others without our realization of that.  For example, we might ourselves be so certain of Christianity as the one true religion that we want to share that knowledge with others.  Those are certainly good intentions.  But when shared with non-Christians of other faiths it can sometimes become a “stumbling block” for them.  They might take offense at our unintended insinuation that their own religion is paganism or worse.  And then they might become resentful, or take action against us which is sinful.  So in a way, we set them up to do something that is sinful.  That’s called a stumbling block in the Bible.

We are told in the Bible to avoid laying stumbling blocks in the paths of others.  Even the men who crucified Christ believed they were acting in good faith.  The true devil’s minions do not know that they are doing Satan’s bidding.  Their hearts have been hardened by self love and ego, leaving them able to justify in their own minds any action against other children of God, who they view as being not as worthy as themselves.  Beware looking down on even the least of our brethren.  “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.”

I believe that everything we are and are capable of doing comes directly from God, or form that supreme being who created us if you don’t believe in God.  Or universal karma, or whatever you wish to believe in.  My point is that we did not create ourselves.  And so we have no right to be proud in how smart we are, or what we can achieve.  We are merely the recipients of that and should be grateful, not egotistical.

So the next time you feel it is ok to spread rumors about someone, or verbally attack him for any reason, you should think twice about that.  As a child of God he is no lesser than you.

Perhaps there is no afterlife.  Or maybe there is.  Is it worth the effort of throwing shit on someone if there is a 50% chance you’ll spend eternity on your hands and knees licking it off of him?  I don’t think so, which is why I don’t like returning the shit others throw at me.

If this makes you angry, then it is a stumbling block.  And I apologize.