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False Alegience

Blossoms at high
Blossoms at noon –
Blossoms that cry
on breezy afternoons…

When sunshine strikes them
colors aglow –
tendrils reaching
for earth below…

Crying in tune
with the busy bees
What brings this day Lord,
and fall to knees

To hear the answer
to why we live
ever soft answer
that He should give

In riddles and rhymes
and clues abound
though His presence
is ne’er around

So here we are,
with just ourselves
a promise of Heaven
and threats of hell…

Hell, hell, hell….
I don’t believe
God would not do that
not to me……

But maybe He would
to those pesky bees….
To hell with them.
They’re Evil.

And we are not.

Short Life

Nothing stays –
decays away…
Even hearts
that once played

Short Friendships

Young hearts
Embracing Life
Fading away

Short Memory

Life lives
Moving on
Forgotten smiles



Short Story

Cubicle walls
fuzzy day
clock watching


per Jamie Deeds Wednesday prompt

THE HEMINGWAY CHALLENGE: Your Wednesday Writing Prompt

JFK, Oswald, CIA, and Organized Crime

The general assumption by a large majority of Americans over 50 is that our government lied to us about the JFK assassination.

Wow.  That’s quite an indictment given our belief that we are a reasonably intelligent society.  You would think that there would be fewer “conspiracy nuts” around here.

One sure way to instantly become a self-pronounced-clown is to spout off with half-cocked conspiracy theories.    And if the government were really hiding anything then that would be the perfect tool in their bag to discredit anyone disagreeing with them.  “Oh, he’s just a nut-job.  You can’t believe anything he says. He sees men in black suits and whisper-quiet black helicopters.”

So what should we believe?  To protect our namesakes and how others see our sanity we can’t really say we believe in conspiracy theories.  But we can say, “Well, maybe it happened that way.”  But we pretty much must leave it at that.  But some others went farther than that.  They risked not only being seen by most as “conspiracy nuts,” but possibly risked their lives as well.  Or so some of them say.

What does reality say?  That’s the important thing.  And reality says that they might be onto something.

The big hindering factor is that there are too many conflicting conspiracy theories.  And they all seem somewhat credible.   So how can 8 or 9 different people be accused of being shooters that day when most theories suggest there were only 3 or 4 shooters?  There are people actually on videotape – (check youtube) – who confess to shooting JFK!  Yet if you watch another video there is a completely different set of people confessing to it or being accused of it.  So I think the average response to it all is that it is simply BS.  But again, if our government would have hidden this from us wouldn’t that be exactly what they want us to think?

So, here is another question:  Could some of those accusations and theories be simple disinformation put out there by the government operatives to make the actual conspiracy look less credible in the eyes of the public?  Certainly.  That’s what governments do.  Confuse the people and they will forget about it and continue on with their lives.  Or the government could be totally innocent.  But because Americans are indeed intelligent we know how clandestine operations work and how disinformation efforts work.  So it’s that single possibility of corruption and black ops that keeps these conspiracy theorists working on their wares.

So the next question obviously is “What would the government have to hide?  What would be their reason for covering up the assassination of our president?”  I mean, if they did it then there must have been a motive, right?  So what was it?  Half cocked theories suggest that our government was implicit in the assassination, or that they were involved in the planning and or execution of it.  I don’t believe that.  And I don’t think our government killed JFK.  But I don’t think Lee Oswald did it either.

The Warren Commission set out to prove that this assassination was a single shooter event, and that Oswald was  that lone gunman with no connection to anyone else.  Yet what did they discover about him? The CIA – according to their own documents released in 2013 admitted that the then director of the CIA – John McCone – withheld many of Oswald’s known affiliation with pro and anti-Castro groups. And the Warren Commission did not even inquire about it while in full knowledge of Oswald’s obvious and visible work for Pro-Castro groups in New Orleans. That tells me also that the Commission itself was withholding information from the public. Otherwise they would have investigated those Cuban ties, or at least made a credible effort to investigate them.

The obvious next question is why? Why would the Warren Commission, the CIA, the FBI, and the Vice President of the United States all so adamantly agree with the Commission’s obvious uninvestigated allegations? Especially considering that they were not complicit in the killing themselves? What were they hiding?

They were hiding three things. First: Oswald was a willing operative for the CIA, having been trained as a covert spy and sent to Russia as a proposed defector. I say willing because he was excited to work clandestinely for his country. When it became obvious he wasn’t going to reach any level in Russian society or government that he could work as an effective spy he returned home. And what home did he return to?

Second: Oswald returned to a home where a president was elected partially on back-room deals with mob bosses. It is documented that JFK’s father offered the Whitehouse’s complete support to Chicago’s Sam Giancana if he would help his son get elected. Shortly after the election Bobby went on a rampage against mobs – Including Giancana, Marcello of New Orleans, and Jimmy Hoffa of the truckers union. They became upset and it is believed that Marcello hatched the plan to kill the President.

Third: The mob and Executive branch were working together on assassinations. This is the biggie! And it is two fold. They did not want other countries – especially target countries – to know that they were planning or executing assassinations of their leaders or operatives. And they also did not want the American citizens to know that they were working with the mob to achieve that. Point blank. That is why our government held that information and continues to do so. Not because they killed JFK.

This is where it gets fuzzy. Was the mob working with the CIA on the plan to kill Fidel Castro? We know that Lee and his mistress Judyth Vary believed they were working for the CIA on that plot. But part of me suspects that the mob fooled Lee and Judyth into believing in the CIA operation by working on Lee’s sense of patriotism and adventurous willingness to work clandestinely. However it could have been an actual joint CIA operation with the mob. Who knows? The nature of the medical research on the plan was to develop a poison to cause rapid onset of lung cancer in Castro, and then deliver it into his body somehow. That just sounds like something that was “made up” as a ruse. I mean there were so many other undetectable ways to kill him already available. So either the mob was working alone and duping Lee and Judyth into believing that they were working for their country and the CIA, or the CIA was actually overseeing the process. And if the CIA was involved in the “Castro Plot” then it was a ruse for something else. Probably the “Big Event,” which is what many people believe was the name for the operation to kill JFK. In any event Oswald was being set up to be the patsy these many months before the assassination occurred.

Finally, were Johnson and Hoover aware of the assassination plot to kill Kennedy?  Absolutely.  A credible pilot who flew for the CIA said that he delivered a team of CIA men to Dallas on the morning of the assassination and that he knew them to be the assassination abort team.  Later that morning the abort team was ordered to stand down.

The night before the assassination Johnson met with Hoover and many other dignitaries at a wealthy constituents home.  His aide reported that after leaving the meeting Johnson told her that he would never have to worry about those “f-ing” Kennedys again.  I suspect that Hoover and Johnson knew about the plot, either by wiretapping their mob partners or by being complacent with them.  Hoover had blackmailed every president for over 40 years to keep him as head of the FBI.  Kennedy didn’t balk and was going to replace him.  And Johnson was an oil and business man who wanted full scale war to increase the profits of his cronies.  Kennedy had already signed an order to remove all US involvement from Viet Nam within 2 years.  That order was rescinded almost immediately when Johnson took office.

The fuzzy parts are still out there.  But there is no doubt in my mind that there was a cover-up.

See this link for more:

Reason to Believe in Spirits

Recently I’ve been taken with a most intelligent woman, Judyth Vary Baker.  Judyth is the proclaimed girlfriend/mistress to Lee Oswald, the man accused of assassinating JFK.

For many years Judyth kept quiet about her knowledge and relationship with Lee due to the frightening prospect of being killed for it.  She hid away silently until Oliver Stone’s movie about the assassination came out.  Then she felt the story should be public and she has been defending her story against the naysayers ever since.

Whether you agree or disagree with Judyth is your own business.  I currently believe her.  ‘Nuff said.  I only wanted to bring something very interesting to your attention.  One of Judyth’s blogs mentioned an address in New Olreans that Lee lived in while she was dating him.  Because I’m interested and a bit of a kook, I decided to look up the address in Google Maps Street View.  What oi found scared me a little because normally I don’t believe in spirits, or rather that they can affect the living in any way.

Above the house and to the left – (in the picture in Google Street Maps – 4905 Magazine Street, New Orleans) – can clearly be seen writing in the sky from an sky-writing airplane.   The lone word seen in the sky?  “Love”

Did Lee affect the world in a way to get that message to Judyth?  Is the real Lee Oswald really dead?  I don’t know, won’t say either way anyway.  But it certainly is just as odd as everything else about the JFK assassination and events surrounding it.  And possibly one heck of a love story too!