Daily Archives: June 30, 2016

False Alegience

Blossoms at high
Blossoms at noon –
Blossoms that cry
on breezy afternoons…

When sunshine strikes them
colors aglow –
tendrils reaching
for earth below…

Crying in tune
with the busy bees
What brings this day Lord,
and fall to knees

To hear the answer
to why we live
ever soft answer
that He should give

In riddles and rhymes
and clues abound
though His presence
is ne’er around

So here we are,
with just ourselves
a promise of Heaven
and threats of hell…

Hell, hell, hell….
I don’t believe
God would not do that
not to me……

But maybe He would
to those pesky bees….
To hell with them.
They’re Evil.

And we are not.

Short Life

Nothing stays –
decays away…
Even hearts
that once played

Short Friendships

Young hearts
Embracing Life
Fading away

Short Memory

Life lives
Moving on
Forgotten smiles