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An “H” Food for Sweetie

Hominy bibbidy bobbidy –
Hominy bibbidy boo –
If I had a nickel –
I’d spend it all on you!
And if that nickel could buy a kite,
I’d fly it just as high –
as you make me feel –
each and every night –
So here is some hominy,
my bibbidy bibbidy boo –
I don’t really like it –
so I’ll save it all for you….
And if you need an “H” food,
to put across your lips,
I might suggest some hummus,
’cause it’s really good with chips!
Perhaps some ham covered in honey,
or halibut with horseradish sauce –
could complete an “H” food melody –
That could easily make you floss….
Hamburgers, headcheese,
hearts and pickled heels,
herbs and huckleberries,
heros and banana peels!
Bananas don’t rhyme.
They don’t have too.
They’re better than everything except the hamburger.
Bananas should be an “H” food.

Immigrants Are Good For Us

Immigrants are good for the United States.  Population, family size, and social nets are the reason.  To put it into context we need to look at the historical evolution of the American family.

From 1790 to 1955 U.S. Family sizes – or number of residents in any given home – were predominantly from 4 to 7 persons (or more).  Then there was a shift in 1955.  Since that year the predominant family size has been only 2  persons.  Why the change?  The most popular belief is that social networks like Medicare and Social Security (instituted in the 1940s) are the reason our family size has decreased.   We no longer need to house Grandma and Grandpa in the spare bedroom.  They can now afford to live comfortably in retirement communities or nursing homes.

Also the number of children in any given family has decreased.    The actual number of births peaked in 1957 with an average of 3.77 children per family.  In 1965 a whopping 4 out of 10 Americans were under the age of twenty.  But today the average number of children per family is hovering slightly above 1.5 children.

But how does that relate to today’s immigrants being good for us?

The answer is very simple math.  All social nets in America are a numbers game.  The more pay-ers you have – the more pay-ees you can afford and also the systems can give more quality care.  When family size decreases so too does the number of pay-ers.  It’s not rocket science.

With a decreasing population we are facing a bankruptcy in the social net systems.  The influx of workers from Mexico and elsewhere is exactly what we need to keep the status quo.  Which is what we Americans have become accustomed to doing, isn’t it?  Living life large?  Even if it means going into substantial debt?

Immigrants are a necessary part of the status quo.  So either give up the status quo and finally pay your share, or stop complaining about it.  The immigration problem will never go away because they are needed, no matter what issues the politicians thump their speeches with.    And amnesty for immigrants to become paying members of our system will always be necessary too.

All arguments to the system are simply red herrings.  Let’s debate the real issues and not get sidetracked by things like immigration.


Americans’ ideal family size is smaller than it used to be

That’ll Do Pig

One of my favorite lines ever comes from a children’s movie called “Babe,” where a farmer was blessed beyond any account with the most amazing little pig named Babe.  This pig did something so dear to the farmer’s heart that it made the farmer  happier and more proud than he had ever been before in his entire life.  After the pig completed this task the farmer was so overwhelmed that the only words that could come to his otherwise silent world was “That’ll do pig.”

And Babe knew that was the greatest compliment one could ever receive from the farmer.  (Though out of context it would seem a little rude.)

My lovely wife Teresa wrote a poem for me the other day and it got me thinking – how could I – in my weird writing style – give her the greatest compliment I can think of?  It was a no brainer.  I barely remember the world before Teresa and think that I have never been happier. So this is installment one of what I consider the rest of my life:

Against the meadow green stood the bull fervent gray –
Snorting his clouds of puff and doom –
Yet another winter has come to stay
as he assessed his daily gloom…

Slowly he watched the sun go down,
feeling his aged plight.
forgetting dawn would come around,
leaving him forever night.

And so lament became his way,
knowing his mind is set –
expecting nothing from this fray –
that he couldn’t just forget.

For years he tried to make such sense –
but found to no avail –
still stuck in this barbed wire fence,
with his lone struck heart a-wail…

“Why dear God, is this my fate?”
He cried up to the moon.
“That life should begin so late –
with mine but a lonely croon?”

But then sun broke sky on eastern wall,
and suddenly he could see –
that a lovely vision through it all –
had stood by his knee.

“What such loveliness this?”
he asked, with patience in his eyes.
“It is I!” cried dear miss –
to his great surprise!

“But why are you here?”
he asked through his heart…
Not knowing or thinking
they’d ever been apart..

“Why would you stand by me,
with nothing more than what I be?”
She just shook her head and then she said
“Because I love you silly!”

So now the bull can’t remember when
he was ever left alone.
For within her eyes and precious touch
was the true essence of home!

In that pasture through ensuing years,
no matter how small or big –
It could often be heard on quiet nights –
“That’ll do, my little pig!”

I love you Teresa…..


Killing Our Police

Alton Sterling, the 31 year old black man who was shot dead in Baton Rouge on July 5th this year by police, was brandishing a firearm weapon at passersby only moments before his death.  One of the passersby, a homeless man, called police and  reported that Sterling was brandishing a firearm at him in front of a convenience food mart.  That is all the responding officers knew about the person they were responding to:  He was armed and possibly dangerous, having brandished his deadly weapon at passersby.

The rest remains for a review board, prosecutor,  and possible jury to decide.  Politicians began scrambling, carefully choosing their words so as not to incite further resentment or riots in Baton Rouge.  Their assurances that indeed there are underlying race issues in our country only fueled the maniac Gavin Eugene Long, the 29 year old self-appointed activist who felt that he, himself, was the review board, judge and jury and took it upon himself to murder innocent police officers in retaliation.

The time has come to stop the rhetoric.  That’s what President Obama told the nation yesterday in light of the melee in Baton Rouge.  Only President Obama was not talking about the rhetoric that fueled this arrogant, completely malicious attack.  He was talking about the rhetoric surrounding the reaction to what Gavin Eugene Long did.  Of course he doesn’t want a race war on his hands as the first black president.  And he is absolutely right in wanting to keep the peace.  But I want to know why the other rhetoric was not stopped.  When the media and politicians jump out and speak about something as volatile as white police officers killing black men because we “obviously still have a race problem” in our country.  That is the rhetoric that should have been stopped, and I’ve been crying that from the rooftops for a decade now.

The only race problem in our country lives in the hearts and minds of racists.   The time has come to stop that rhetoric.  That is what is causing division in our country and frankly I am an American who is willing to stand up and say enough is enough.

I am also a near 30 year veteran in law enforcement who can honestly say unequivocally that at no time in my career have I seen any racist acts conducted by fellow officers.  And I do not claim all officers are worthy of wearing the badge.  I’ve worked along officers who have been convicted of crimes like murder, robbery, kidnapping.  There have been officers in our nation convicted of child molesting and child pornography.  I personally have worked alongside officers that were completely intolerant of my gay/lesbian fellow officers and politely offered to kick their asses for such hatred.  I have put my reputation as an officer and human being on the line to put these misaligned people in the proper perspective and I would do it again.  I have known racist officers.  And in every breath I take I will admit that some officers fall through the cracks in the hiring process.  I know this.

But at no time during my career have I ever seen any officer ACT against another person because of race.  Even after viewing the videotapes on the news, internet, and every possible venue imaginable where it clearly shows white officers murdering black people – undoubtedly – (and yes, these are without doubt murder cases clearly when officers shoot fleeing suspects in the back or shoot them in the head while attempting to drive away) even in those cases I’m not convinced that race is the reason those officers overreacted.  Were these cases murder?  Undoubtedly to me as a veteran.  But there is no clear evidence that race was the factor.  In all cases the officers feared for their lives and made absolutely wrong decisions in their heightened states.  And in all those cases the review and criminal justice system puts these officers on trial for what they did.  And correctly so.  But that doesn’t mean race was the motive.

But who decides that?  Me?  Of course not.  Gavin Eugene Long?  member of the Nation of Islam?  Noted hater of whites and police and who openly defies our system of government in twitter, YouTube, and other venues?  Of course not.  He is not judge and jury.  And neither are any of us.

So I agree with our President and think it is high time we stop the rhetoric.  But I also think that we Americans need to stand up and say enough is enough.  We are not going to allow our officers to be slaughtered on the streets because of the propagandized, politicized notion that white people are out to kill black people.  That is absolutely not true and we need those asserters of that idea to quell their rhetoric before other haters brew the idea into their own killing plans.  The first amendment does not cover yelling “Fire!” falsely in a crowded theater.  And that is exactly what is happening here.  It is time to put a stop to it.



The Mob Killed Kennedy

Following is the conclusion I have come to concerning the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

The mob killed Kennedy.  Specifically Marcello and Traficante through corroboration with Giancana.  They accomplished this with the help of unknowing and knowing rogue CIA agents and operatives.

There was an ongoing coalition between mobsters and the CIA prior to Kennedy’s assassination.  Our government routinely kills people in the name of our national interest, but this is all clandestine.  The agreement between the mob and CIA was that all murders within the US would be conducted by mob men, and all foreign murders and assassinations would be carried out by trained military assassins.  This is now known fact.  Having the mob commit interior murders somehow made American leaders feel sheltered from the notion that they themselves were killing Americans on American soil – an absolute no-no.  But ordering the mob to do it did not truly lighten their culpability.

Lee Harvey Oswald was a CIA operative who was recruited out of the Marines to try and get intelligence from within Russia.  Russian leaders were skeptical at that time and aware that our government was sending people over to “defect” in order to spy on them.  They did not allow Oswald to get in any position that would enable him to report on any government interests or programs.  They did not trust him.  After the fall of the USSR records were found that established this.  They had done an investigation on Oswald to discern his ability to spy for them and found that he was not competent enough.  They  then started the process of deporting Lee but Lee’s feigned suicide attempt made them reconsider and they gave him a workers job.  After it became apparent Lee would not ever be in a position to get Russian secrets he returned to the US.

Upon returning to the states Oswald became useful to the CIA because he had ties to the Marcello mob in New Orleans.  He became a low level gopher there and reported to his one time associate and lover Judyth Vary Baker that he was “on loan” to the CIA.  Because the mob and CIA were working together on clandestine operations Oswald became like a permanent operative for the CIA.  You can find massive and overwhelming evidence of this in Judyth’s book, Me and Lee.

When Kennedy became elected it was apparent to him that his CIA director, Dulles, was not acting in his best interest.  After the bay of pigs fiasco Kennedy fired Dulles, who became disgruntled.  Dulles continued working through Colson, deputy director of the CIA, and continued certain clandestine operations without the Kennedy’s knowledge.  Kennedy felt the CIA had gone rogue and enlisted the help of his brother, Bobby, to help oust the problem.  As attorney general Bobby was trying to subversively get information on the rogue CIA members and also continue work on killing Fidel Castro in a way that would leave the world believing it was natural causes.  Bobby set up a secret investigation through his own office as Attorney General to accomplish these tasks.

Unfortunately the CIA and mob circles were too great and subsequently discovered the Kennedy’s attempt to destroy them.  They learned that the Kennedys had enlisted many operatives to keep them updated on what the CIA and mob were doing.  One of these operatives was Lee Oswald.  The mob learned of Lee’s coalition and felt betrayed, as though retting on them.  Lee’s family had had New Orleans connections with the mob long before he was born, so he was seen as an insider to them.  Having him work with the Kennedy’s against them was like betrayal.

The Kennedy’s were also enlisting operatives to go to Cuba and become intelligence officers, giving them the much needed intelligence they needed to carry out covert ops against Castro.   That is why Oswald went to the Cuban Embassy in Mexico City to obtain a Cuban Visa.  After being arrested in Dallas he was confronted by the FBI on his trip to the Cuban Embassy and he became agitated.  He asked “How did you know about that?”  I believe he was concerned because he believed that only the Kennedy circle knew about it, and not the CIA or mob.  I think that is when Lee pieced it together that the mob had found out about his work with the Kennedy’s and that is why he was set up as a patsy on the President’s execution.

So in short the mob killed Kennedy, repaid Oswald for his ratting them out, and forced Bobby Kennedy and others to cover up the assassination in order to hide the governments covert ops between the CIA and the mob, and more importantly, the attempts to kill Castro.  Bobby Kennedy knew Lee Oswald and also knew that Lee did not kill his brother.  I’m certain he ran for president a few years later to make amends for all of that.  And I’m certain his death was the result of the same players who would not let that happen.

If the government had killed JFK then I would be angry.  And because they covered it up I think many people mistakenly believed that they did kill him.  But I’m certain they didn’t – except for rogue members – to which I include Closson and Dulles.  Perhaps LBJ to a lesser degree, because I think he was aware of it but did not plan the assassination.  He had no choice but to follow along because they would have killed him too.  That’s why he ducked to the floorboard when the motorcade turned on to Elm Street.  He wasn’t sure if he would die also or not.  Amazing how the cowardous, belligerent LBJ allowed his wife to ride that motorcade seated right next to him not knowing if bullets would be fired at them or not.  Oh my, what a loving husband.

In any event the mob (with the help of rogue govt. operatives) killed Kennedy and government hid it from the public only to hide their association with the mob and other clandestine assassinations.  Sad, sad, sad.

Does our government have the right to carry out clandestine murders and assassinations?  I believe yes, it is a necessary evil.  Would the American public understand if it brought this reality to true light?  Maybe.  But the rest of the world would not.

So I think things like this should be hidden.

But not those clandestine murders that happen when the only benefit is to the careers or positions of individual politicians.  Those people will go to hell.  And it should be brought to light.  I don’t care if that happens on or before judgment day.

Personally, I think we should let the assassination rest.

Interesting to note is that after the Kennedy assassination use of the mob for CIA directed assassinations on American soil ended, or was at least suspended because it is now recorded that as early as 1964 military assassins were approached to perform assassinations in the US.

For any and all information I used to come to the above conclusion, please read Judyth Vary Baker’s book Me and Lee, and watch the history channel’s 8 part documentary titled “The Me Who killed Kennedy.”  They can be found in several places on YouTube.

Although Judyth is a very intelligent and apparently loving person, I think she was completely naïve of what was actually happening but interestingly her book corroborates a lot of the things taking place in furtherance of the setting up of Oswald as a patsy.

Finally, Oswald loved the Kennedy’s and I think it was because he had personally met them or spoken with them.  That’s only my personal belief.  I believe Lee Oswald is an American hero that was defamed by evil forces.




The Grassy Knoll – No Doubt

After 53 years there is little doubt left that the JFK assassination was a conspiracy.  Here is photographic evidence of that:


The above photo was taken at about the exact instant a bullet entered the Presidents head.  You can see the Secret Service agent in the following car was already reacting to the previous shots and was running towards the president’s limousine.  Jackie Kennedy had noticed there was something wrong with JFK because he had thrust his arms upward in a choking manner.  The only other person reacting to the head shot was the balding man in the red shirt.  He was flailing his arms in a grandiose notion as to signal something.  It could be possible that he had been waving his arms only to get the presidents attention.  Other theories include that he was signaling to all shooters, at least 4 of them, that the head shot was complete and they should stop firing.  The following photo will astound you because 15 seconds later the balding man in a red shirt is seen inside the small concrete structure laying down on his left side, propped up by his left elbow, breaking down a rifle.  There is little doubt that he was singling to the four sets of shooters to cease fire.  Notice the two men in the photo below sitting calmly on the curb while everyone except the photographers were running or diving for cover.  You can see them and also a motorcycle policeman looking up at the picket fence in the picture below.



The only alteration I made to the insets was to use the brightness feature on MS Word and zoomed in using MS Paint.  The photo is in the public domain and you can make the same alterations yourself to see that I did not embellish this.  The next photo is of the picket fence, where James Files confessed he was when he shot the fatal head shot into JFK.


The above photo was taken about 25 seconds after the head shot.  James Files confessed to being the shooter from behind the picket fence at the spot exactly where we can see the top of a man’s head looking over the fence.  He said that he had ejected the shell, tossed the gun to a second man dressed in railroadmen’s gear, who then broke it down and transported it away.  Files said that out of vanity he bit down on the tip of the shell casing to leave his teeth marks on it and set it on the cross-member of the fence before walking away.  44 years later in 2007 a father and son were behind the picket fence with a metal detector and found a shell casing with teeth marks on it 4 inches underground at that very spot.  Ed Hoffman, a deaf-mute witness standing on the overpass reported these exact events to police but the Warren Commission did not call him as a witness.  This man has made several videos you can find on youtube explaining what he saw that day and how he attempted to alert police, but he had to watch as the shooter strolled away toward the TSBD.

Files said that the shirtless picture of him in the lower part of the photo was taken by Lee Oswald in 1962 and that he knew Oswald.

We also know that there was a shooter in the Texas School Book Depository where the “magic bullet” came from.  So that is three sniper nests that we are certain of.  The fourth is believed to have been in the Dal-Tex building, behind the TSBD and to the right, and the shooter there is believed to have used a silencer on his rifle.  So in all we are aware of at least 4 snipers.  I also believe that the two men sitting on the curb in the second picture might also have been patsies, meaning there could have been multiple patsies set up as well.

Finally, here is a photo taken by Phillip Willis very near the time of the fatal head shot.  Do you see a man behind the concrete structure aiming a rifle through the port hole?


Interested now?  Read Judyth Vary Baker’s book, Me and Lee.


The Devil is in the Details and How the Media Controls Us

Finding the breadth of Satan’s breath,
Tasting sweet nectar of sin –
Swallow whole as one til death –
growing stronger deep within….

And now you know your second master –
who rules your coveted soul.
For vanity and namesake care –
you let him swallow you whole.

So tell me not, my cindered friend –
how foolish the rest are we.
For as your pale skin grows and is filled with holes –
the devil is what we see.

-john richter

Spirituality has a thousand different meanings.  But if you look at those meanings as a whole it is easy to see that life boils down to two very basic things:  Good and evil.  Most of us believe that in the end of this life we will be found good or we will be found evil.  And that end time is when it becomes really important.  Judgment day.  Until then a lot of us live in the gray area on that item and tend not to look very deeply into the details of what we find around us.

How does the devil trick us into becoming evil?  I mean, if someone is going to be found evil then there must have been that one point in his life, that pinnacle so to say, where he turned to the other side.  What was the lure?  Riches?  Fame?  Stardom?  Although movies and some old handed down tales might implicate men “selling” their souls for something they want – I think it is rarely that cut and dry.

If a street gang wants to own a new member – what do they do?  They trick him into believing what they do is cool, and also that the gang members  are the only people who truly love him.  And then they tell this young, vulnerable kid that he must show his allegiance by performing an act – usually an extreme crime – that they will have to hold over his head and own him for eternity.  The mob works pretty much the same way.   Test the guy to see if he can be loyal and then task him with an act that will allow them to own him.  Cartels do that too sometimes.  It’s also how Satan tricked Eve.

And there is also the threat of violence.  The cartel might tell someone “I will kill your whole family if you don’t do what I say.”  Of course mobs and gangs do that too.  It’s not a new thing.  Hijackers and robbers do it with weapons and strong arm tactics.  The message is simply “I am more evil than you and will easily kill you or your loved ones.”  And the thing is that if they have reached the point where they are pointing a gun at you or holding threats over you, then yes, they probably are just that evil.  Religious Martyrs would allow themselves to be thrown to the lions in order to thwart their attackers desires.

The biggest thing the devil does to try and trick us is to make us think that he doesn’t exist.  I’m not particularly political, but look at today’s Democratic party.  They tell their constituents that they are the only ones who love them.  Or who love anyone!  “Look at those nasty republicans!  They hate the gays and abortionists!   They will let people get sick and die before trying to help them!  We Democrats are the only truly caring party!”

Isn’t that what the gangs want their new member to believe?  That they are the only ones who truly care about him?

What is really shocking is the overwhelming support the Democrats have with their message in the Bible Belt south!  How can the devil get them to support abortion and homosexuality if such things are allegedly prohibited in the Bible?  I’m gonna just say wow!  The devil knows his stuff!  That’s like selling snow-cones to Eskimos.!

But it is really just this easy to see evil where it lives.  You just need to believe it exists – then you will see it too.  It has pervaded all levels of government and the mainstream media as well.  Yes, that makes me sound like a conspiracy nut.  But please read this and ask yourself the same questions:

Dr. Mary Sherman was a famous osteopathic doctor in New Orleans who was working on cures for cancer.  Several people claimed that she was enlisted by the CIA – who was in bed with the mob – to develop a virus that could cause a very strong and fast cancer in humans – as a weapon.  The guise was that it was intended for the government to kill Fidel Castro.  It was also alleged that Lee Harvey Oswald, a nephew of a mob member in New Orleans, was enlisted to assist Dr. Sherman with these clandestine operations.  (Among many others, like Dave Ferrie.)

Mary Sherman died mysteriously less than one year after the JFK assassination.  She was found in her apartment with her right arm and most of her right torso burned away, while the rest of her body was relatively in tact.  She had also been stabbed seven times through the heart.

In 2012 a memo was released (through the Freedom of Information Act) that suggested that Oswald’s phone number was found in Dr. Sherman’s personal notepad after her death.  Apparently the New Orleans field office felt it was important enough to alert the director, J. Edgar Hoover.  Hoover then responded with the document in question, explaining to the field office that xxxxxx’s phone number was found in Dr. Sherman’s notepad.  He further ordered the field office to cease any further investigation into the murder.  Unfortunately the name of the person whose phone number was in Dr. Mary’s notepad had been redacted in the released Hoover memo.  But it is easy to see that it is a name with 6 characters. O-s-w-a-l-d?  Why else would the field office had felt it necessary to alert the director of the FBI about such a miniscule matter?  And what would have made the name important enough to redact it?

So why after 53 years is it still necessary to hide the name of the person whose phone number was in Dr. Sherman’s notepad?  Is it a matter of national security?  Of course not.  But that’s the guise.  The truth is that it is hidden to hide the tactics of the CIA – who was in bed with the mob and the FBI.  And Oswald.

Does the mainstream media try to get to the bottom of this cover-up?  No.  They have their nail to hang their hat on.  It was a lone gunman.  And no matter how ridiculous that notion becomes over the years of investigation, they continue to stick to that assessment.  Why?  Because the leaders and owners of all media outlets are either in bed with or  under blackmail control of the CIA.  Imagine how easy it would be for the CIA to convince them they are doing their “patriotic” duty by following their instructions.  And if they can’t fool them they put them into compromising situations where they can blackmail them.

Think about it.  Have you seen the mainstream media ever seriously report any theory other than the lone gunman theory?  Mostly what we see are so called “expert debunkers” offering reasons why anyone disagreeing with them are just kooks.

Please read Me and Lee by Judyth Vary Baker and Dr. Mary’s Monkey by Edward T. Haslam.

Make up your own mind.  Don’t let them make it up for you.