The Devil is in the Details and How the Media Controls Us

Finding the breadth of Satan’s breath,
Tasting sweet nectar of sin –
Swallow whole as one til death –
growing stronger deep within….

And now you know your second master –
who rules your coveted soul.
For vanity and namesake care –
you let him swallow you whole.

So tell me not, my cindered friend –
how foolish the rest are we.
For as your pale skin grows and is filled with holes –
the devil is what we see.

-john richter

Spirituality has a thousand different meanings.  But if you look at those meanings as a whole it is easy to see that life boils down to two very basic things:  Good and evil.  Most of us believe that in the end of this life we will be found good or we will be found evil.  And that end time is when it becomes really important.  Judgment day.  Until then a lot of us live in the gray area on that item and tend not to look very deeply into the details of what we find around us.

How does the devil trick us into becoming evil?  I mean, if someone is going to be found evil then there must have been that one point in his life, that pinnacle so to say, where he turned to the other side.  What was the lure?  Riches?  Fame?  Stardom?  Although movies and some old handed down tales might implicate men “selling” their souls for something they want – I think it is rarely that cut and dry.

If a street gang wants to own a new member – what do they do?  They trick him into believing what they do is cool, and also that the gang members  are the only people who truly love him.  And then they tell this young, vulnerable kid that he must show his allegiance by performing an act – usually an extreme crime – that they will have to hold over his head and own him for eternity.  The mob works pretty much the same way.   Test the guy to see if he can be loyal and then task him with an act that will allow them to own him.  Cartels do that too sometimes.  It’s also how Satan tricked Eve.

And there is also the threat of violence.  The cartel might tell someone “I will kill your whole family if you don’t do what I say.”  Of course mobs and gangs do that too.  It’s not a new thing.  Hijackers and robbers do it with weapons and strong arm tactics.  The message is simply “I am more evil than you and will easily kill you or your loved ones.”  And the thing is that if they have reached the point where they are pointing a gun at you or holding threats over you, then yes, they probably are just that evil.  Religious Martyrs would allow themselves to be thrown to the lions in order to thwart their attackers desires.

The biggest thing the devil does to try and trick us is to make us think that he doesn’t exist.  I’m not particularly political, but look at today’s Democratic party.  They tell their constituents that they are the only ones who love them.  Or who love anyone!  “Look at those nasty republicans!  They hate the gays and abortionists!   They will let people get sick and die before trying to help them!  We Democrats are the only truly caring party!”

Isn’t that what the gangs want their new member to believe?  That they are the only ones who truly care about him?

What is really shocking is the overwhelming support the Democrats have with their message in the Bible Belt south!  How can the devil get them to support abortion and homosexuality if such things are allegedly prohibited in the Bible?  I’m gonna just say wow!  The devil knows his stuff!  That’s like selling snow-cones to Eskimos.!

But it is really just this easy to see evil where it lives.  You just need to believe it exists – then you will see it too.  It has pervaded all levels of government and the mainstream media as well.  Yes, that makes me sound like a conspiracy nut.  But please read this and ask yourself the same questions:

Dr. Mary Sherman was a famous osteopathic doctor in New Orleans who was working on cures for cancer.  Several people claimed that she was enlisted by the CIA – who was in bed with the mob – to develop a virus that could cause a very strong and fast cancer in humans – as a weapon.  The guise was that it was intended for the government to kill Fidel Castro.  It was also alleged that Lee Harvey Oswald, a nephew of a mob member in New Orleans, was enlisted to assist Dr. Sherman with these clandestine operations.  (Among many others, like Dave Ferrie.)

Mary Sherman died mysteriously less than one year after the JFK assassination.  She was found in her apartment with her right arm and most of her right torso burned away, while the rest of her body was relatively in tact.  She had also been stabbed seven times through the heart.

In 2012 a memo was released (through the Freedom of Information Act) that suggested that Oswald’s phone number was found in Dr. Sherman’s personal notepad after her death.  Apparently the New Orleans field office felt it was important enough to alert the director, J. Edgar Hoover.  Hoover then responded with the document in question, explaining to the field office that xxxxxx’s phone number was found in Dr. Sherman’s notepad.  He further ordered the field office to cease any further investigation into the murder.  Unfortunately the name of the person whose phone number was in Dr. Mary’s notepad had been redacted in the released Hoover memo.  But it is easy to see that it is a name with 6 characters. O-s-w-a-l-d?  Why else would the field office had felt it necessary to alert the director of the FBI about such a miniscule matter?  And what would have made the name important enough to redact it?

So why after 53 years is it still necessary to hide the name of the person whose phone number was in Dr. Sherman’s notepad?  Is it a matter of national security?  Of course not.  But that’s the guise.  The truth is that it is hidden to hide the tactics of the CIA – who was in bed with the mob and the FBI.  And Oswald.

Does the mainstream media try to get to the bottom of this cover-up?  No.  They have their nail to hang their hat on.  It was a lone gunman.  And no matter how ridiculous that notion becomes over the years of investigation, they continue to stick to that assessment.  Why?  Because the leaders and owners of all media outlets are either in bed with or  under blackmail control of the CIA.  Imagine how easy it would be for the CIA to convince them they are doing their “patriotic” duty by following their instructions.  And if they can’t fool them they put them into compromising situations where they can blackmail them.

Think about it.  Have you seen the mainstream media ever seriously report any theory other than the lone gunman theory?  Mostly what we see are so called “expert debunkers” offering reasons why anyone disagreeing with them are just kooks.

Please read Me and Lee by Judyth Vary Baker and Dr. Mary’s Monkey by Edward T. Haslam.

Make up your own mind.  Don’t let them make it up for you.



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