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The Grassy Knoll – No Doubt

After 53 years there is little doubt left that the JFK assassination was a conspiracy.  Here is photographic evidence of that:


The above photo was taken at about the exact instant a bullet entered the Presidents head.  You can see the Secret Service agent in the following car was already reacting to the previous shots and was running towards the president’s limousine.  Jackie Kennedy had noticed there was something wrong with JFK because he had thrust his arms upward in a choking manner.  The only other person reacting to the head shot was the balding man in the red shirt.  He was flailing his arms in a grandiose notion as to signal something.  It could be possible that he had been waving his arms only to get the presidents attention.  Other theories include that he was signaling to all shooters, at least 4 of them, that the head shot was complete and they should stop firing.  The following photo will astound you because 15 seconds later the balding man in a red shirt is seen inside the small concrete structure laying down on his left side, propped up by his left elbow, breaking down a rifle.  There is little doubt that he was singling to the four sets of shooters to cease fire.  Notice the two men in the photo below sitting calmly on the curb while everyone except the photographers were running or diving for cover.  You can see them and also a motorcycle policeman looking up at the picket fence in the picture below.



The only alteration I made to the insets was to use the brightness feature on MS Word and zoomed in using MS Paint.  The photo is in the public domain and you can make the same alterations yourself to see that I did not embellish this.  The next photo is of the picket fence, where James Files confessed he was when he shot the fatal head shot into JFK.


The above photo was taken about 25 seconds after the head shot.  James Files confessed to being the shooter from behind the picket fence at the spot exactly where we can see the top of a man’s head looking over the fence.  He said that he had ejected the shell, tossed the gun to a second man dressed in railroadmen’s gear, who then broke it down and transported it away.  Files said that out of vanity he bit down on the tip of the shell casing to leave his teeth marks on it and set it on the cross-member of the fence before walking away.  44 years later in 2007 a father and son were behind the picket fence with a metal detector and found a shell casing with teeth marks on it 4 inches underground at that very spot.  Ed Hoffman, a deaf-mute witness standing on the overpass reported these exact events to police but the Warren Commission did not call him as a witness.  This man has made several videos you can find on youtube explaining what he saw that day and how he attempted to alert police, but he had to watch as the shooter strolled away toward the TSBD.

Files said that the shirtless picture of him in the lower part of the photo was taken by Lee Oswald in 1962 and that he knew Oswald.

We also know that there was a shooter in the Texas School Book Depository where the “magic bullet” came from.  So that is three sniper nests that we are certain of.  The fourth is believed to have been in the Dal-Tex building, behind the TSBD and to the right, and the shooter there is believed to have used a silencer on his rifle.  So in all we are aware of at least 4 snipers.  I also believe that the two men sitting on the curb in the second picture might also have been patsies, meaning there could have been multiple patsies set up as well.

Finally, here is a photo taken by Phillip Willis very near the time of the fatal head shot.  Do you see a man behind the concrete structure aiming a rifle through the port hole?


Interested now?  Read Judyth Vary Baker’s book, Me and Lee.