The Grassy Knoll – No Doubt

After 53 years there is little doubt left that the JFK assassination was a conspiracy.  Here is photographic evidence of that:


The above photo was taken at about the exact instant a bullet entered the Presidents head.  You can see the Secret Service agent in the following car was already reacting to the previous shots and was running towards the president’s limousine.  Jackie Kennedy had noticed there was something wrong with JFK because he had thrust his arms upward in a choking manner.  The only other person reacting to the head shot was the balding man in the red shirt.  He was flailing his arms in a grandiose notion as to signal something.  It could be possible that he had been waving his arms only to get the presidents attention.  Other theories include that he was signaling to all shooters, at least 4 of them, that the head shot was complete and they should stop firing.  The following photo will astound you because 15 seconds later the balding man in a red shirt is seen inside the small concrete structure laying down on his left side, propped up by his left elbow, breaking down a rifle.  There is little doubt that he was singling to the four sets of shooters to cease fire.  Notice the two men in the photo below sitting calmly on the curb while everyone except the photographers were running or diving for cover.  You can see them and also a motorcycle policeman looking up at the picket fence in the picture below.



The only alteration I made to the insets was to use the brightness feature on MS Word and zoomed in using MS Paint.  The photo is in the public domain and you can make the same alterations yourself to see that I did not embellish this.  The next photo is of the picket fence, where James Files confessed he was when he shot the fatal head shot into JFK.


The above photo was taken about 25 seconds after the head shot.  James Files confessed to being the shooter from behind the picket fence at the spot exactly where we can see the top of a man’s head looking over the fence.  He said that he had ejected the shell, tossed the gun to a second man dressed in railroadmen’s gear, who then broke it down and transported it away.  Files said that out of vanity he bit down on the tip of the shell casing to leave his teeth marks on it and set it on the cross-member of the fence before walking away.  44 years later in 2007 a father and son were behind the picket fence with a metal detector and found a shell casing with teeth marks on it 4 inches underground at that very spot.  Ed Hoffman, a deaf-mute witness standing on the overpass reported these exact events to police but the Warren Commission did not call him as a witness.  This man has made several videos you can find on youtube explaining what he saw that day and how he attempted to alert police, but he had to watch as the shooter strolled away toward the TSBD.

Files said that the shirtless picture of him in the lower part of the photo was taken by Lee Oswald in 1962 and that he knew Oswald.

We also know that there was a shooter in the Texas School Book Depository where the “magic bullet” came from.  So that is three sniper nests that we are certain of.  The fourth is believed to have been in the Dal-Tex building, behind the TSBD and to the right, and the shooter there is believed to have used a silencer on his rifle.  So in all we are aware of at least 4 snipers.  I also believe that the two men sitting on the curb in the second picture might also have been patsies, meaning there could have been multiple patsies set up as well.

Finally, here is a photo taken by Phillip Willis very near the time of the fatal head shot.  Do you see a man behind the concrete structure aiming a rifle through the port hole?


Interested now?  Read Judyth Vary Baker’s book, Me and Lee.


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7 responses to “The Grassy Knoll – No Doubt

  • Jeffrey Liakos

    John Allen Richter, what are your thoughts regarding Lee Harvey Oswald claims to having been “just a patsy”?

    • johnallenrichter

      Ambivalent. I believe Oswald was a willing asset to the CIA and went to Russia as a spy, hoping Russia would recruit him as a double spy. He failed. Eventually moving back to the US. Through his earlier contracts with the CIA Oswald me a retired agent in New Orleans. This retired agent was still in the game as a civilian and Oswald became an “asset” to him. Oswald worked for this man. This man had many contacts and could place Oswald in different work positions to facilitate the things he needed Oswald to do for him. One of the projects was the alleged development of a cancer causing virus which was intended to be administered to Castro. Oswalds responsibilty included alleged go between of Dr. Mary Sherman of New Orleans and Judith Vary Lee, a young untrained but naturally adept at working with mice to develop viruses. Lee was responsible for the testing of the virus and eventually getting into Cuba to administer it to Castro. It was assumed Lee’s earlier defection to Russia would easily get him into Cuba. But again, the Russians thought he was useless and would not issue a Visa when he went to Mexici to apply for one. All of this, under my own assumption, was sanctioned under Bobby Kennedy. One month before JFK’s assassination Oswald was placed in the book depository. 3 weeks before the assassination James Files was led to Dealy Plaza by order of Sam Giancana and along with Jack Ruby and 4 other shooters surveyed the buildings and area for the best shooting positions. That same week CIA operative E. Howard Hunt was arrested near the railroad tracks behind the book depository and was released. With him was a French sniper and Woody Harrelsons dad, a know assassin, who later gave a jailhouse interview hinting that he was indeed involved with the assassination. On his deathbed E Howard Hunt openly confessed on video that he, the CIA, the mob and several influential people – believed to be George Bush, who was CIA undersecretary at the time, Richard Nixon, not sure of his involvement but he was there, and LBJ, who just an asshole. He may or may not have conspired but definitely knew about the assassination and did nothing to stop it. I think Oswald was instructed to purchase a rifle several weeks before November 23rd, and was then told to take it to work that day and where to put it on the 6th floor. I believe there were two shooters on the 6th floor that day and Oswald was neither of them. James Files openly confessed to Kennedy’s head shot from behind a wooden fence on the knoll. He said that he used fulminate mercury tipped bullets which us why Kennedys head exploded and their was no bullet found by the Parkland Hospital staff. Which BTW is the only true account of Kennedys wounds. There was only 1 Carcano rifle bullet found, a full metal jacketed round which would have left an identical exit wound to the entrance wound. Witnesses from the Warren report said they heard two pops from a rifle, about 3 seconds apart, and then heard 2 more almost together after another pause. The Carcano bullet struck Kennedy in the upper back/neck and then passed through Connelly. The second bullet hit the upper windshield and frame near the driver. The third and fourth bullets struck the presidents head almost simultaneously. One from behind, fired from the building behind the depository, and James Files exploding bullet on the right front Temple. If you watch both videos from th hat day – zapruders from the right side and the other from the left, you can see Kennedy’s head get pushed slightly forward from the rear shot while almost 1/2 a second later the right side of his head is violently ripped open by Files’ shot and the head is pushed backward. Immediately after that in photographs you can see a man on the knoll steps waving his arms wildly over his head to let the shooters know the head shot was complete. If they had continued firing it would have been more difficult to convince the public that Oswald was a lone shooter who just happened to get a job at the depository one month before the assassination. And being a Russian defector was the story. Seriously, how did the FBI know about Oswalds trip to the Cuban Embasy in Mexico? They were not surveilling him. If they were than the presidents limo would never have come close to Oswalds workplace, and certainly not with open windows on the building. In fact the jog turn onto the street was not even necessary. I believe firmly that Lee Oswald was a man who thought he was doing good for his country and was also used as a patsy in the conspiracy to kill JFK.

      • izraul

        Here is the original Zapruder film. See the two white squares on the left (empty space)? Look right below the bottom right of the top white square. You will see the reflection of the roof shooter.

  • izraul hidashi

    James Files is a liar. He did not kill Kennedy. His confession was a lie I have the head bunter for the .222 cartridge directly from Remington, proving that the shells found by the fence weren’t even manufactured until 7 years after his death.

    2 shooters were in the pergola, behind Zapruder (exactly where he testified they were). The head shot came from the middle window of the pergola. This can be seen in the Nix film. Both shooters can be seen in the Moorman photo as well.

    James Files is full of crap. That’s a fact!

  • izraul hidashi

    Also a 3rd shooter on the roof of the records building can be seen in the Zapruder film (left side, reflection). His shot exited the throat, hence Kennedy grabbing at his neck. You can actually when he fires. Some edited versions omit the reflection, but unedited versions are online which retain the anomaly.

    The reflection was due to the concave lens used in that specific model camera and the double sided film Zapruder used. It was missed because everyones attention is always on the President. No one bothered to look closely at the reflection on the left side.

  • izraul

    The shells found at the fence on the knoll, one with teeth marks, are .222 Remington. The dash between the R & P (R – P) is .015 in length. All Remington shells before 1971 had a dash .040 in length.

    James Files would have to be a Time Traveler to have shot the President with bullets made in 1971.

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