Immigrants Are Good For Us

Immigrants are good for the United States.  Population, family size, and social nets are the reason.  To put it into context we need to look at the historical evolution of the American family.

From 1790 to 1955 U.S. Family sizes – or number of residents in any given home – were predominantly from 4 to 7 persons (or more).  Then there was a shift in 1955.  Since that year the predominant family size has been only 2  persons.  Why the change?  The most popular belief is that social networks like Medicare and Social Security (instituted in the 1940s) are the reason our family size has decreased.   We no longer need to house Grandma and Grandpa in the spare bedroom.  They can now afford to live comfortably in retirement communities or nursing homes.

Also the number of children in any given family has decreased.    The actual number of births peaked in 1957 with an average of 3.77 children per family.  In 1965 a whopping 4 out of 10 Americans were under the age of twenty.  But today the average number of children per family is hovering slightly above 1.5 children.

But how does that relate to today’s immigrants being good for us?

The answer is very simple math.  All social nets in America are a numbers game.  The more pay-ers you have – the more pay-ees you can afford and also the systems can give more quality care.  When family size decreases so too does the number of pay-ers.  It’s not rocket science.

With a decreasing population we are facing a bankruptcy in the social net systems.  The influx of workers from Mexico and elsewhere is exactly what we need to keep the status quo.  Which is what we Americans have become accustomed to doing, isn’t it?  Living life large?  Even if it means going into substantial debt?

Immigrants are a necessary part of the status quo.  So either give up the status quo and finally pay your share, or stop complaining about it.  The immigration problem will never go away because they are needed, no matter what issues the politicians thump their speeches with.    And amnesty for immigrants to become paying members of our system will always be necessary too.

All arguments to the system are simply red herrings.  Let’s debate the real issues and not get sidetracked by things like immigration.


Americans’ ideal family size is smaller than it used to be


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