Magnetism Misunderstood

Let’s break the mold.  We need to.  Because if we don’t break the mold we will never advance.

So every one, I want you to read along with me:  We do not know everything about magnetism.  There.  Now don’t you feel better?  I sure do.  Now let’s forge ahead.

Every one knows that passing copper wires or coils past magnets induces electricity.  It’s how electricity is made.

This is where our knowledge stops.  Oh sure, we have mathematized every angle of this model and can tell you exactly how many copper wires to pass by exactly which magnets to give you an exact idea of how many volts and amps to expect.  I mean, that is pretty smart.  But it’s only based on this model.

If we could find exactly what part of the magnet, or which property of the magnet that causes the electrical induction, then we might be able to come up with a completely different model.

For example sake – lets say that a magnet has three wave types.

If only one of the wave types is the one that induces electricity, then we really don’t need the other two types.  In fact, ii’s been suggested by some scholars that the other two might even counter-react the good one, giving us lesser potency of electricity.

(Image provided by Ken Wheeler.)

So perhaps we don’t need to pass the “entire” magnet past the copper wires.  Maybe we only need to get the good wave to pass by the wires on it’s own.  That would mean that fossil fuels would no longer be needed to turn generators.  The eco-system would be saved.  And we could avoid pumping harmful carbon elements into the air.  Wouldn’t that be a good thing?

Why aren’t mainstream scientists studying this possibility then?  I’ll tell you why.  Because they believe the first model above is the only model.  And because all mathematics coming from that model say that it can never produce more energy than it uses – it can never work.

And that in general is why technology can become very, very slow moving forward.

The scientists are confusing an old model with one we don’t have yet.  So Overunity is indeed quite possible.  It only requires the time and effort of someone to find it.  And there are plenty of us out here trying to do just that.

At the heart of the problem is the argument that the theorized dielectric inertial plane of the magnet does or does not exist or if it does exist some people don not think it is a single plain but multiple planes along the magnet.  For those who don’t know it, the dielectric plane of the battery is considered to be in it’s approximate center, where waves from both poles meet to re-enter the magnet after having been expelled from the two poles.

The iron filling picture below suggest that there is not a single plane, but thousands of them all along the edges of the magnet.  You can see by the filings structure how the waves are re-entering the magnet all along it’s length.

In fact, it appears that no waves are re-entering the magnet at the exact center, but just farther beyond.

My thought is that it doesn’t matter where the inertial plane exists.  We know that when the north pole of a magnet passes by a ferromagnetic metal – the plane moves.  And it is that inertial plane moving that causes electricity.  Not the movement of the entire magnet.

So, in layman’s term it means that we need to learn how to move this plane without the need to move the entire magnet.  Then we will have overunity.  It’s really not rocket science.  And it is definite proof that our current scholars and professionals working in the field of magnetics and electricity don’t have the foggiest idea of how magnets actually work.  Because they were sold on the idea that the earlier model was the only one that will ever exist.

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3 responses to “Magnetism Misunderstood

  • sergio lenzi

    Good point… about the inertial plane of the magnets… But the fact that a coil around the magnet produces electricity wen you put an iron in one side of the magnet, can easy be explained because when you put another “thing” that disturbs the magnetic field, the magnetic field moves or vary its density in the 3d space, as the coil is “imersed” in the field, the result is a pulse on the coil (that you see in the scope).. so does not matter if what move is the magnet of not what matters is the variation of the magnet flux over the wires of the coil… PROBABLY (my oppinion…) the variation of the magnetic flux interacts with the electron spin, of the metal, and as there are “free” electrons in the metal (that is why it conduces electricity), the electrons will move and the move is seen as the current on the wire.. On the static magnetic field, the electrons, are all aligned with the field.. You can notice that current is only produced wen the magnetic field CROSSES the wire not otherwise… when you put the magnet inside the coil, there are magnetic lines crossing the wires (as seen in the figure). so if you “move” these lines in or out the coil, of course there will be a correspondent current on the wire, this “move” can be done by moving the magnet or by “distorting” the magnetic lines. So I could not see any overunit in the process…

  • johnallenrichter

    Yes, exactly. The magnetic field moves by itself without the magnet moving at all. Which is the basis of my conclusion, which being different from yours is that it will be the key to overunity. In the very shortisighted sense it might mean that we are merely swapping the power needed to move a magnet past a copper coil for the power needed to interrupt the magnetic field with pieces of iron. But let’s change the coil – with it’s eddy currents and resistance to change, (making a generator very difficult to turn) to “collectors”, which have no eddy currents or resistance to deal with at all, requiring much less power to generate electricity. And then add my secret recipe to control the dielelectric plane movement – and hopefully we (or ME) will eventually come to overunity. At least that’s my hope.

  • johnallenrichter

    Just another thought…. The image above of the iron filings over a magnet looks more like a cell nucleus dividing itself into two cells, by repulsion or expulsion rather than insertion or reinsertion of magnetic waves…. Just an observation

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