Monthly Archives: February 2017


The world is a funny place.  We get older everyday but we don’t really change our methods of introspection.  For me it’s usually at the end of each day when I go over the events of the day to determine if I could have behaved in a better way.  When we are young I think we are more prone to finding fault with ourselves during introspection than when we get older.   I don’t know if that’s because we get wiser with age and have more confidence in our own politeness, or if because after almost 60 years other people are starting to get on our nerves easier.  But I’m leaning toward the latter.

The world would be a wonderful place without other people.  I wonder if my Heaven will be “other people-less? ”  Actually, I would like my mother, father, and siblings to be in my Heaven.  As well as a select few other people I have come to admire and respect over the years.  And a couple of dogs.  The hard part, I suppose, is getting them to want to be there too.  Which means that I’m just “other people” too.