Daily Archives: April 20, 2017


What is jealousy?  Is it the cruel man of the silent film era, with curled mustache – wringing his hands while scheming to do something horrible to his foes?  Or some poor woman who gets tied down to the railroad track, with the imminent whistling train advancing in the distance?

Or is it a compliment?  If someone were jealous of me then I would certainly take it as a compliment.  But the Bible tells us to never be jealous.

A close family member recently criticized me for my poetry, which I openly admit is a hobby of mine and has been all my life.  I also like to create electronic circuits and am currently – another lifelong desire – trying to create zero point energy.  And I openly admit there are a lot of us nut-cakes out here trying to do this, even amidst the mumblings and grumblings of physicists who loudly suggest such a thing is not possible.

I won’t bore you with specifics, but this relative recently graduated from college and actually said that is why I am too stupid to understand politics.  He insulted me terribly, implying that I am under some delusional belief that I am a world renown poet and physicist and therefore am too crazy to understand politics.

He is out of my life now.  Which unfortunately means that so is his father and mother, two people that I love dearly.  They think he walks on water.  I think he insulted his uncle and destroyed the relationship with my brother forever.

What he doesn’t know – perhaps because I rarely brag about my own accomplishments – is that I graduated from college too.  Deans list every semester.  National Dean’s list two years in a row.  I graduated cuma su laude in a class of over 9,000 students.  And I did all this while working two and three jobs at a time and raising a family.  I didn’t tell my siblings about my graduation because that was my personal choice.  I did not even attend my graduation.  I don’t brag.  Nor do I think my accomplishments make me better than other people.  Certainly not my uncles, who I loved dearly too.

So for all of my dozen or so followers I’d like to thank you for making me a world renown poet!

And for my other family members who think I am “jealous” of Matthew because he graduated from college, you don’t know me.  And you never will.