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Racism in America

Racism in America does not exist in the large scale that our media and Black Right’s activists want the world to believe.  It just simply isn’t true.  And I think the world deserves to know that this whole thing was sparked and influenced by politics.  The losing party mixes half-truths and lies to maintain control of black votes.  So they demonize the other party by accusing the other party of being racists, and only they, themselves – care abut black citizens.  And for some reason, it works to maintain the black vote.  Dinesh D’Souza explains that in about all of his work.

The black vote in America is overwhelmingly Democrat because the rhetoric hits home with them.  A black person dies at the hand of police and immediately the police, in general, are accused of being racist (regardless of circumstances) and the calls for the  reform of all police departments across the country are constantly bombarding us.  The group Black Lives Matter was born and “black leaders” (a common term in America) take to the podium to smear police as being a racist tool of the white man.  The rhetoric turns into reality.  And those politicians shouting it have no qualms at all about shouting it.

The first problem is that none of the rhetoric is true.  The second problem is that it is incendiary, and in my opinion racist in itself.  We have one group of race openly baiting another group.  Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing, but yelling fire in a crowded theater will spark a dangerous stampede.  So incendiary speech is not always free.  But politicians who seek to divide the nation don’t care.  They only want to be elected, and nothing will stop them.

As an American I’m sick and tired of the negative campaigning.  This no-holds barred style of campaigning needs to be reigned in because it is hurting our country.  And politicians who resort to it are nothing but tiny little snakes who need to just slither away.  Hillary Clinton has not slithered away.  She continues to fuel the fires of conflict just because she is really just a pissed off version of little Nellie Olsen from “Little House on the Prairie.”  Too bad.  But it shows exactly how much she cares about our nation.  Anyone who doesn’t see her pettiness is completely foolish, including those blacks who feel we are a racist country.

Heather MacDonald compiled a list of 5 reasons why the rhetoric doesn’t meet the truth here:

Black citizens represent 13% of the country’s overall citizens.  However, in Major Statistical Areas (large cities) Blacks usually represent closer to or above 50% of the population.  So the local shooting statistics are way skewed from national statistics.  It is also a fact that around 60% to 70% of violent crimes in MSA’s are committed by black offenders.  And when confronting a violent crime suspect – the police have a reasonable assumption that the suspect will be violent with them.  And so police shootings of black people become more representative of the true populations, both citizens in general and the number of criminals in total.

According to the Washington Post there were 968 cases where police shot suspects in 2016.  According to the Huffington Post 258 of those killed were Black, leaving us with a 26% Black death rate caused by police shooting.  When adjusted for black population and criminal populations of MSA’s that number falls way lower than 15%.

So, the idea that America is racist and biased against blacks just isn’t true.  It is false.  And those of us who love our country are becoming tired of hearing otherwise.

Why don’t we start the conversation on what the facts do show, instead of half truths and lies?  Why do blacks primarily live in large urban areas?  Are there advantages for them there?  What are those advantages?  Why do they commit most of the violent crimes in cities? What can we do to lower those crimes? Do other nations have self-proclaimed “Black leaders” to act as a watchdog groups against other races in specific or the entire government in general?  Or does that sound like racism itself?  I think it does.  You don’t see “White leaders” as a term, as though somehow everything revolves around race.  I personally believe that allowing racist activity like “black leaders” only fuels the fire of disparity between citizens, especially when most of their complaints involve an extremely biased viewpoint.  It tends to cause them to lose believability when they make complaints about the authorized use of force in situations where it was warranted.  It is just a spiraling downwards spiral that is only loosening the bonds between us all.  How would you feel if you were viewed as nothing more than just a “white man” and by default reasoning a racist?  Yeah.  Weeeeeee.  America is fun.

The fact is this: nothing in America revolves around race except delusions brought on by half truths and lies of politicians who could not care less about the actual welfare of our country.  That is why Trump was voted into office.  The foundation of the leftist sewer is beginning to crack.  Keep calling us deplorable And we’ll vote for the next guy too.  And the next.  We are the most endearing and empathetic country in the world.  And we know it.