Monthly Archives: October 2019

Happy Halloween 2019

It was a cold, cold late October eve,
the moon sat just above the trees.

Crunch, crunch, the fallen leaves complained –
as their once vibrant lives now only maimed –
by the weight of my steps over them.
That I should crush them in my eagerness,
to go where I may.

What future beast shall come to trample my grave?
In my afterlife of heaven or gray….
And will I disdain him that privilege to go where he may?
That my fallen old soul was once young and played?
When souls met and loved and lived –
to nothing now but dust on a walk way,
Uncaring that my own life meant something.
Or nothing.
As he walks over my remains.
Softly my settling dust will whisper, “But I was.”

Happpy Halloween……

Warhol Tomato Soup Can

There it was in its simplest form –
a very common tomato soup can.
Sitting as though it didn’t know,
sitting as though it didn’t show –
….its wealth of childhood memories.
But of course it does.
From the childhood table of Egar Allen Poe,
to gracing the home of Henry Longfellow,
its label plays in the hearts of us all.
Could it be the taste of this heated treat?
Or mom’s loving ladle doling it sweet –
…on chilly nights of ago….
that makes us wish to cherish it so?
Perhaps a measure of both.
And now we are drawn to it,
in glossy eye compose –
and think that it is right to sit,
on a canvas where we can dream. Thursday Challenge:  Warhol in Words: Poetic Pop Art