Monthly Archives: December 2019

Dark December Day

Never a darker December has been than this grey, grey, grey day. An emotionless sky melts into the farthest reach of emotionless earth, not even a seam to remark of. Everywhere the absence of light. And life. An occasional silhouette of leaf-less tree skeleton strains to be viewed in the wash of a distant neighbor’s Christmas light display. Sometimes a twinkle. Reminiscent, faintly, of stars i think that once were here. But maybe that was a dream. So many years. So many fallen stars. And now this. A grey so thick and invasive that its tendrils sweep into my soul and drag me into its clutches, the grey earth and sky. No longer a player of life. No longer accounted among the strident. Just a minor ash in the great torrent of liquid grey which is now everything and nothing at once, raging to where the unknown and always avoided has been. And i let it take me where it will. I submit with prayers to God. For the earth is indeed this grey river of nothingness. And it belongs to Satan the Petty, the seeker of all that he is not and can never be. For he is hatred, and nothingness, and calls us “Deplorable” because we see his sinister plan to steal souls. As he told Eve at the Tree of Knowledge, so he tells the young abandoned women of our age that their ability to kill their own child is of their own power and not of the free will God imposed upon each and every one of us. They trick others into believing that lustful sex acts are natural and those who say otherwise are the true deplorables and haters. Rather than this plea being seen as a beacon to my brothers and sisters in this world to help them avoid the trickery of Satan, it will be held up by Satan and called hatred in many forms, accusing my words of being deplorable. “And you will be tortured and cast down in my name. But persevere and the tribulation will be shortened for your sake.” I don’t think there’s any question. The devil is winning this world. This impeachment circus is an obvious sign that chaos is replacing wisdom in this atmosphere of complete and utter delusion. And we stand helpless in this grey world without recourse. Save the hope of Michael swooping down from Heaven to smite them with his mighty sword i can see no other return to sanity before these imps destroy the world with their unabashed and unashamed hatred of all things Godly. And all this amidst their delusional and complete ignorance of that fact. Their minds tell them they are righteous, so much that they can sin and lie and cheat and steal to achieve their develish goals. Because they hail themselves as the purveyers of all that is good. But as Matthew wrote in chapter 25, they will be surprised on judgement day. And so will we all. Which means i will be going to hell with them. You can join this grey torentious waterfall to hell with me or you can save yourself. Go clean, feed, clothe, and shelter a homeless person today. Visit a repentant lonely soul in hospice or prison today. Search for the hungry, the meek and the mild to soothe them with sustenance or companionship. These are the actions God asks of us. Not to pretend we are superior to our political rivals. That is nothing. NOTHING but stumbling blocks for Gods other children. And woe to we who prevent His children from reaching Him. Everyone of us is created in the image of God. All are worthy of love. Those who pick and choose are not true saints of God. Beware of their message and know it is cloaked in chaos and senselessness.