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John Wayne’s World

John Wayne once said “If there are 12 men in a room and you give each of them a dollar, when you come back in 10 years one man will have most of those 12 dollars.”

That is true no matter what sign you hang on the door of that room. Socialism, Communism, Marxism, or Capitalism. There will always be an elite few in any system that ends up with the majority of the resources.

The trick is to develop a system that uses the natural human sense of greed to benefit all members of society and not just an elite few. And if you think you are above the greed that all humans share then you might want to keep reading.

Only one of the above economical models uses human greed to an advantage for all citizens. That’s capitalism. Those who get rich in capitalisms can only stay rich or get richer by allowing those below them enough money to buy their goods. Capitalisms insures that a middle class will exist.

Those who get rich by socialism, Marxism, or communism do not need the people below them to have money. In fact the elites in such systems actually require the people beneath them to remain poor in order for themselves to stay rich. There is simply no middle class. Resources are owned by the elites, and they have no competition which means that they can demand anything of their i9mpoverished people for basic necessities like food and water.

In such a nation of 90% impoverished people, like Venezuela, where people must develop black markets and learn to lie and break laws merely to stay alive, what are their chances of getting their government to organize some plan to combat greenhouse gasses or global warming? How interested will these starving people be in saving the whales or other animals in jeopardy of extinction? If they spend most of their day scrounging around dumps and trash pits to find bits of wood to heat their one-room homes during the winter, how much concern will they have for state-run police agencies that go rogue and kill political opponents? Do you think they will organize a protest against their government while their children go hungry at night? Do you think they will even return home alive after attending any such protests? Do you really think they will be allowed to protest their socialist/communist government?

When the Covid virus took hold in the U.S. consumers went out on a mad rush to purchase toilet paper. For those of you reading this 100 years from now, yes, I said we had a mad run on toilet paper. Stores had trouble keeping it stocked and people were stockpiling several months supplies of it.

At the time of this writing the majority of people in socialist run Venezuela have not seen toilet paper in years. It was gone form their commodities long before Covid was released. In other mostly socialist nations around the world finding toilet paper in a public restroom is extremely rare because the citizenry steals it as soon as it gets stocked. These governments think the answer is to develop mechanical ways to prevent the theft of toilet paper from public restrooms. The rest of us know that is not the answer. The answer is for these socialist nations to simply adopt a quasi-capatalism system like China has. It has made them the most powerful nation sustaining the largest population in the world.

For anyone who believes that ushering in socialism will somehow give you some advantage over others – unless you are at the top of the political food chain, my friend, you have been fooled by them. You will be soon forgotten once they get power.

The only reason we see these protests and riots currently destroying our inner cities is that we already live in the free-est nation that ever existed. We have full authority to voice our opinion on any topic at any time any where. We can go protest the police or global warming any time and be assured that afterwards we can come home safely to our comfortable air-conditioned or heated home and enjoy things like Hamburger helper that at least 50% of the rest of the world’s population can only envy. We can enjoy our daily heated shower and indoor plumbing which flushes the waste of our lives completely away, including the toilet paper that we wipe our butts with. We can get in our affordable automobile and drive anywhere we want to – literally anywhere in the world because U.S. citizens are welcome around the globe. You can create a commodity or sell a commodity or work in a factory with a 401k that insures your retirement. The average American goes from cradle to grave without being hungry or homeless for a single day of his or her life. And during that life he receives the best medical treatment that has ever been available in the history of the world. That’s because some capitalist invented the x-ray, the cat-scan, the other scan I can’t even remember the name of right now, even penicillin was created by a capatalist and it has saved my own life at least once. This new vaccine coming for Covid was created by a capatalist system in record breaking time of any vaccine ever.

So, tell me honestly, what exactly is socialism supposed to fix? Rogue racist cops? We already have laws against rogue racist cops. We all want them put into prison. There is no argument there. Antifa, the terrorists who want to beat us and force us into submission? That’s pretty much the definition of fascism.

If you think socialism is the answer to all of your ailments then please move to a socialist country. Because as our president, President Trump has said, and millions of us agree, “This country will never become socialist.”