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Tammy Sue

I once knew a girl named Tammy Sue…
She was the prettiest thing i ever knew.
I never told her that in fact,
Because I was just a lad
Much older now, looking back,
I wonder what if i had?

The day we met was a summer dilly,
Me mum said come for a ride.
“I’ve got a friend near the eastern lillies,
with a daughter about your size.”

Mum, mum i cried,
why must we always twirl?
You know i don’t like leaving the house,
much less for meeting girls!

“Get your butt in the car,”
She said with that look…
of peril i’ve seen before.
So i skedaddled my butt
Into the seat –
And then i closed the door.

Wind, wind, rushing us by,
Passed a stop sign or two.
Then up a hilly drive,
On in to meet my rue…

Once inside the living room,
Family portrait on the wall.
One of them pretty!
And spinning around i found –
also very tall. 

She was indeed quite pretty,
and so i couldn’t figure why…
She seemed quite curious of me,
As if she’d never seen a guy.

And there I am, Just John you see,
A guy with never nothing.
That such a pretty girl as my Tammy,
would search for any something.

She wasn’t just looking at my eyes, you know?
She reached in through the hole.
And nestled in next to me
On the day she touched my soul.

Over the years I’ve wandered much,
And have wondered of Tammy Sue.
And I regret some things i’ve done.
And  things i didn’t do.

When I tell you, it will be hard for you,
but even harder for me now grown.
Because on that day of long ago blue,
I walked away, and left Tammy alone.

Eyes so brightly enigmatic,
and that I did not merit.
For i was but a rough shod relic,
Just  a slimy little ferret.

There’s a rule of attraction
I’ve always known  to be…

A girl as pretty as Tammy,

Was never meant for me.

Against the feelings in my bones,

And though I was never sure,

I left my Tammy all alone,

For I wasn’t worthy of her.