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Conject? Sure!

“Man only uses 10% of his brain…” -unknown

Everyone has heard this phrase.  Is it true?  Who knows?  Maybe if we had full access to our brains we might be able to figure it out.  (Ha ha)

But if it is true then it implies that we are either too lazy to use our whole brains or that we are too stupid to use our whole brains.  And so I don’t like the phrase.  Nor would I ever agree with those implications.  We are incredibly smart.  We have already accomplished amazing things by simply putting our “minds” to the task.  Everyone usually points to the “man on the moon” example to signify that we are extremely intelligent.  But what about the radio signals that let us talk to the man on the moon?  Or that let us communicate with the un-manned craft sailing past the ex-planet Pluto?

These radio waves and spacecrafts are not just flukes of nature, or merely something we stumbled across.  Surely yes, we did stumble across the electro-magnetic wave that was the seedling for the development of radio.  But everything after that stumble was a deliberate part of man intentionally trying to develop radio waves and so many other things that spring from them, like microwaves.

So just that one little example makes me think that man is quite capable of using his entire facilities to create and exist.

So then why don’t we already have spacecraft that can fly at speeds close to light and hover-boards like Marty McFlie’s that can work on a patch of ground?  If our minds are so wonderful and our ability to use them endless – then why do we always seem stuck at a certain level of technology?

Here’s a hint: it’s not from our lack of ability.  But rather it is due to the confounded way that the human mind needs to compact all the information it deals with.  We simply can not retain all the input that we ever see, taste, feel, or hear.  I don’t think there is a single computer system on earth that could retain every little pixel of color or depth that the rods and cones in the back of your eyes have seen over the entire coarse of your life.  It’s simply too much information.  So the mind categorizes things in order to cut down on the specific information it needs to retain.  For example, you have probably seen over 5,000 different shades of yellow during your lifetime – but you can not recall all of them because your mind categorizes together those that are similar.  You might be able to recall a half dozen or so yellow’s from your past on a good day.

So how does that hinder technology?  Specifically it doesn’t – but generally it whoops the heck out of it.  When we study things today we tend to prioritize only those things that we have physically observed – and we tend to discount those things that we haven’t.  That’s a weird way of saying we are too confident for our own good.

If a team of electro-physicists want to build a television – or whoever it is that builds a television – then they have a list of parts that are known to be reliable when building a television.  If they want to build a better television then they take those known parts and tweak them this way or that in order to improve them.  And then joiola!  Better TV!

The problem with that is visionaries.  H.G. Wells was a visionary.  But he was not a rocket scientist.  If he was then we would have had a man on the moon 75 years earlier.  As it however – we had to wait until a very young Robert Goddard read Well’s novels, become inspired, and eventually grew up to become a rocket scientist who then “stumbled across” certain dynamics that could later be used to carry a man to the moon.  It’s a long process.  We can shorten it.

I am a visionary.  I know with everything I am that gravity is a pink unicorn.  It is a fairy tale, a theory made up by a man who believed Christ came to Earth to pull large levers on a huge “gravity machine” buried somewhere under the Earth.  Hogwash!

Why do scientists not take me seriously?  Or any of the hundreds of others of us who are absolutely certain that the phenomenon currently understood as gravity is actually nothing more than magnetic attraction and repulsion?

The reason is because they took Newton’s theory and ran with it.  They “scientificized” it – observed it – measured it – and wrote it down into a highly praised bible of all things gravity.

And even now – when they know we have faulty data that skews numbers coming back from the study of our expanding universe – and knowing that the only power in Einsteins theory of relativity that did not work was the power of gravity – they stick to the idea of gravity and assume that their observed data on gravity must be somehow off – and not the theory itself.

Wake up scientists!  There is no such thing as gravity.  Rewrite your laws using the rules of magnetism in conjunction with what you observed with gravity.

The scientists’ common argument is that magnetism can not be gravity because the numbers from observations of both do not match.  Well, hello!  That’s exactly what we are saying!  Magnetism and hence gravity does not only emanate from the center of a planetary body – it emanates from every planetary body and galaxy in the universe and is bombarding us from all angles – and each planetary body is pummeled with magnetic waves from all angles – and not just attraction particles – which is basically what “gravity” was supposed to represent – but the affects from repulsion are being displayed from all different angles as well – which is where the skewed numbers come from.

So scientists please stop rejecting notions that you feel are untested and rely on your own observations of gravity to understand that the science itself is not marred – but rather the foundation of gravity is absolutely baseless.

I’m posting this for posterity.  This realization will never occur in my lifetime – I’m absolutely certain of that.  The way the human mind categorizes things and the sheer egos of those who consider themselves experts on gravity is simply too much to overcome.  And I don’t know when it will happen, but someday in the future man will finally realize that gravity is a farce and study of magnetism will become so precise that we will knock down light years of barriers with booming technology, intergalactic travel, and so many amazing things will happen because we will then be able to harness it.  But naysayers until then and those who are doomed to remain static will say these things are simply impossible.

And when that day comes – when this vision is realized – and if this ledger survives – then I want that generation to know that I was john Richter – a visionary – and that nothing is impossible.  Never say never young people.  Cut out that technology gap and don’t get too married to a single notion.

1965 City Directory for Richmond, Indiana

Following are links to the 1965 City Directory for my hometown, Richmond, Indiana. You may search the index by street or last name of residents who lived there in 1965.

The links will open a book “chapter” which will let you “flip” through the pages.  When you get to the page you want you can use the “magnifying glass” symbol to enlarge or decrease the size of the text.  With the text enlarged you will need to “left click and drag” on the page to move around to different parts of it.

If the “page flip” book does not work properly or seems to be missing pages you can download the original PDF file by clicking on the link near the bottom left of the page.

This is an excellent way to find old friends, neighbors, and family members from long ago.  I urge you to support your local libraries with donations to help support all the volunteers and efforts that make genealogy searches so easy for us all.

Scanning these pages was a lot of work but certainly worth it.  Have Fun!

Street Index

Numbered Streets  (1st Street thru 36th Street)
Six Chapters

1st Street thru 3rd Street – Click Here
4th Street thru 6th Street – Click Here
7th Street thru 10th Street – Click Here
11th Street thru 14th Street – Click Here
15th Street thru 18th Street – Click Here
19th Street Thru 36th Street – Click Here
Named Streets (Abbington Pike Thru Zoar Ave)
Three Chapters

Abbington Pike thru Main Street (East) – Click Here
Main Street (West) thru Quaker Hill Drive – Click Here
Randolph Street thru Zoar Ave – Click Here


Below is a List of Index chapters by last name, broken down by letter.  Find the first letter of the name you are looking for below and click on that link.

Names beginning with the letter “A” – Click Here
Names beginning with the letter “B” – Click Here
Names beginning with the letter “C” – Click Here
Names beginning with the letter “D” – Click Here
Names beginning with the letter “E, F, and G” – Click Here
Names beginning with the letter “H” – Click Here
Names beginning with the letter “I, J, and K” – Click Here
Names beginning with the letter “L” – Click Here
Names beginning with the letter “M” – Click Here
Names beginning with the letter “N, O, P, and Q” – Click Here
Names beginning with the letter “R” – Click Here
Names beginning with the letter “S” – Click Here
Names beginning with the letter “T, U and V” – Click Here
Names beginning with the letter “W, Y and Z” – Click Here


Them ole’ weeds was higher than I was… Thick too.  Couldn’t see through ’em.  So I’d just mosey on through, didn’t matter.  No tellin’ what I’d come up on.  That little field was behind my house in Richmond Indiana, ….but you couldn’t tell me that!  Cuz to me it was the jungles of Viet Nam!  At least it was when them weeds was taller than I was….  Charlie was out there, coming to kill me….  Ka-thump!  Grenade would land next to me and I’d hit the deck if it was too far away to jump on and save everybody else, though everybody else really weren’t there – only in my mind…  But I’d save ’em anyhow….  If I could.  Cuz that’s how I roll…..  Rat-a-tat-a-tat-a-tat….  Ole’ Charlie trying to kill my whole platoon with machine guns…  Though there weren’t really no platoon, I just made that up….  But you’d a thought there was a platoon cuz they’d be talking and doing hand signals, real quite-like, to sneak up on Charlie and kill ’em all….  Mortars coming in, whistlin’ like a Devil!  Hit the deck!  Hit the deck!

A week later Mom’d have me covered in that ole’ pink cal-o-mine lotion… itchin’, poison assed ivy….  Damn that Charlie….

© 2015 John Allen Richter


I never grind the pepper shaker,
when shaking alone will work.
Unless it’s needed – as a salad needed seeded,
then I’ll grind it like a twork!

Twork it!  Twork it Babah!
Twork that peppa shakah!
Twork it like yo mamma made ya –
Like you do ya money makah!

Twork it ’til it come out black –
‘lil ashes falling down your back.
Rub it up – feel so gooooooodddd….
Peppa in the neighborhood….

I need ya bad girl, like you really wanna make it –
grind it real hard like you ain’t gonna fake it –
put da peppa in and take da peppa out –
grind it up girl and put da peppa in your mouth.

Taste it baby, taste it baby –
taste it real good –
grind it up again
like you know you should…

Then when you done
and they’s plenty of it ground –
I’ll only need to shake it
next time round….

Wham, bam, thank you ma’am….
My good man, peppa all around.

© 2014 John Allen Richter

I’m Pretty Sure They Were Angels

It was a dismal car.  Back in those days we called them lemons – the oddball car coming off the factory line plagued with one problem after another.  And this one was painted yellow.  It wasn’t a stretch to make that connection to lemon.  Some days it actually smelled a little lemony.

My father bought it in the fall of 1972, bragging about how he got a deal on it because it had been a “dealer’s model.”  When I asked about it he said that meant the dealer used it to let potential buyers drive it.  If they liked it then they could order one to be built.  I don’t know how things worked back then and don’t know how they work today.  But it sounds to me like the dealer used it to drive back and forth to work.  It had around 9,000 miles on it.

Shortly after buying the 72 Olds boatmobile 88 my parents divorced.  Mom “won” the car in the divorce.  I’ve been a little leery of “winning” things ever since, like Ed McMahon’s constant claims over the decades.  My father always told me that nothing but air is free in life and that I should ignore anyone who said otherwise.  I think Dad was very happy escaping with just his sporty Cutlass.

Over the next few years I had been in that car with my mother several times when it completely broke down on the road.  Mom was horrible at judging when a car was acting up.  As a kid I was terrible at it too, but having lived through many lemons in my ensuing years I’ve become quite attuned to the tell-tale signs of an “Oh shit!” that is eminently etched in the future.  Back then not so much.

And it could be my memory acting up, I don’t know.  But all the times we broke down together my memory seems to be lacking a little.  And that’s odd for my memory.  I usually have a great memory of my entire childhood.  It’s last week that I can’t recall.  Somehow all those memories of being stranded on the road with Mom are vacant or at least shmooshed together.

It must have been the winter of 74/75.  And I don’t think we could have picked a colder, more blistery day.  Mom suffered from depression, as I do.  It’s not an exaggeration to say that from the day Dad left until the day she died there didn’t seem to be a single moment of calm collection in her life.  Her stalwart, her rock was our older sister Sandy who lived 75 miles away in Indianapolis.  Every time Mom’s depression kicked up she headed for Indy to mind-meld with Sandy.  And I always tagged along.

This day it was late at night on a  cold, wintery day.  It was pitch black.  We were about 20 or 30 miles away from Indy when the car decided to shutter and die.  Very oddly we were in about a mile stretch of US 70 that had street lights.  It was coincidence I guess because there was no off ramps there.  The previous 45 minutes on the road had been pitch black and traffic free because it was snowing cats and dogs.  These snowflakes must have been an inch wide.  It was odd that we just happened to die in a lit area.

There was nothing else to do but walk to find a gas station or something.  I told mom to stay in the car and I made sure the blanket was in the front seat with her.  Since we were stopped in a lit area I assumed there must have been an exit or rest area ahead.  So I started my trek through the foot and a half snow in the emergency lane.  I soon got back into the pitch black and just walked and walked.  I think only one or two trucks passed by as I walked for the next 45 minutes.  And still after all that time there was no off ramp or little burg in site.

Just then a four wheeled pick up pulled up along side me, complete with the big roll bar and lights attached to it.  Now those are pretty common to see now, but back in the 70’s they were a bit rarer.  Being all of 13 or 14 years of age I was mightily impressed.  There were two men inside it.  I could see them when the passenger opened his door.  He said “You must be John.”

Now it took a minute for that to soak in.  Here i was 60 miles from anywhere that anybody knows me, and this guy in the middle of a pitch black snow driven night 20 miles from nowhere calls me by name.  What are the odds?  For a second, well maybe just a split second, I thought this might be God.  I was a little dumbfounded.  “How do you know my name?”

“We came across your mom a few miles back and she told us you were out trying to get help.”  Well now I already knew all of that so I was wondering why they would stop on this cold snowy storm to tell me that.  So I just stood where wondering.  After what must have been a long silence the driver called out “Would you like a ride John?”

“Oh.  Well, yeah.  That would be mighty nice of you.”  Then I realized that climbing into those big trucks was a little hard when your thighs and calves were numb from the cold.  Finally I got into the back seat, and then hovered over the top of their bench seat.  “I sure do want to thank you guys for helping me and my mom.”  Back in those days I had a paper route and always had $20 or $30 bucks on me, so I started digging in my wallet.

“You don’t need to pay us, John.  This is what we do.”

“I don’t know what you mean.  What do you do?”

“Well, whenever comes a big storm we come out here with this big old truck to help people out.  That’s how we came across your mom.  And then you.”

I noticed they had a CB in the truck and were talking to one of their wives (I guessed.)  She said that she had called the garage and they were sending a tow truck.  Shortly after we ended up right behind my mother’s dead car, and I stayed in the truck with them until the tow truck got there.  When I started to get out I told them that I wanted to give them something.  Again they refused, and the passenger said “Just pass it on.”

As a dumb unsuspecting kid I thought all adults talked in code that we weren’t privy too, so I said “I don’t understand.  What does that mean?”

“Well, it just means that whenever you see anyone in need, just remember this night.  Maybe help them out.”

Unfortunately my mother died of cancer just a few short years later.  She never got to grow old and never got to meet my children.  And over the years I thought about that often, how those two gentlemen helped my mother and I.  But never so much so when I was first married.

We had moved into a mobile home trailer park as newly weds, pretty flat broke and both of us still in college.  I met the sweetest little old gal in the home right behind us.  For anyone who doesn’t know mobile home parks used to be where people retired.  She was no different.  She and her husband had retired and lived there for many years.  He passed away just the year before my wife and I moved in and she had no way to take care of things all alone.  She was in her early eighties and couldn’t possibly cut the grass, shovel snow, fix furnaces or plumbing.  She had children and grand children but they weren’t close by.  So I happily did all of those things for her.  Every time I talked to her I felt as though it was my own mother, as though she might have lived long enough to share this time together too.

Every time I cut her grass, or did some odd chore for her,  I thought of my own mom.  And my wife too.  I thought if either of them had gotten old and alone, I’d want some one to help them out too.  So I passed it on, and passed it on, and passed it on.  Still passing it on.  And still thinking of those two wonderful men who took their time to stop on a cold stormy night to help me and my mom.







ooops, I did it again

Secretly, in the back of my mind, and just for me alone, I have always considered myself to be courteous to others.  I’ve never expressed that out loud or in writing before today.  And I’m not saying it now to try to impress you or anyone else.   The reason I’m saying it now is to give you an understanding of one reason that I have come to like myself.  And I think it is important for everyone to come to like him or herself, no matter what the reason.  Some people come to like themselves for their physical beauty, and others for things they were able to achieve in life.  And I think those are fine reasons.  “Whatever floats your boat,” as my father used to say.

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t understand why God put us in this life but suspect it is for us to learn to love.   After all, Jesus Himself told us that He had come to abolish all laws and then issued only one commandment Himself:  “Love the lord God with all of your heart and soul.  And love one another.  Do these things and you will have eternal salvation.”   To me that is as clear as it can be and frankly I don’t think it’s debatable.

But what is not clear is how far must we go to love one another?  Christ said if a man steals your jacket that you should offer him your shirt as well.  If a man slaps your cheek then offer him the other cheek to slap.  Where is the line drawn?  If a man kidnaps your child to sexually assault him/her and then kills the child to cover his tracks, what should we do?  Give him our other child?  Except for a few extremists most of us would say : ”No, execute him.”  That clearly crosses the line, doesn’t it?   But why?  Does stealing a person’s coat not constitute robbery?  Does slapping someone’s face not constitute assault?

And so I think Christ did not abolish laws of earth.  He abolished spiritual laws.  And His intention was quite easy to understand as immortalized by the wonderful John Lennon: “Love is all you need.”  If each of us could come to love one another as Christ would prefer then there would be no crime.  The cold man would love his benefactor too much to steal a coat from him, and the benefactor would love the poor man too much to allow him to be cold.

But earthly laws still exist because few of us can come to love at that level.  We as men and governments institute laws because some things are just so heinous that we must create deterrents to them.  “Give to Caesar that which belongs to Caesar.”   To me that means to obey your government’s laws.  So yes, indeed child molesters must be punished as should all other people who break laws.

So for the murderers and rapists we feel confident in not loving them, and in fact we often hate them because of what they have done.  But I think that might be wrong.  Yes, punish them.  But always remember that he or she is a child of God also.  They came to commit their heinous acts because there is no love in their hearts.  Hating them in turn only starts to chip away at our own reserve of love.

And where am I in the scheme of things?  I end up hating the guy in front of me at the green light who dawdles and causes us to hit the red light again.  And that’s not even a crime.  Just idiocy.  I am a long way from being courteous I think.  Oh, for the eternal guilt of Catholicism…