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Life is sometimes so very confusing to me- I don’t know why we’re alive, or why God decided to put us in this life.  Nobody really does.  I just know I’ve been writing poetry all my life – and during all these many years i have avoided what most people would call “Love Poetry.”  It’s a lie in my opinion-extraordinarily pretentious.  Love and sex – or sexual attraction – are two different things.  But I think every high school and college boy at some time has written a “Love” poem to attract the attention of someone who makes his heart go pitter-patter, as old Norman from the Movie On Golden Pond would have said.  And you know I think that is so romantic.  I love romance.  But for some reason, and I don’t understand it myself – I just don’t write love poetry.  Somehow it’s like I separate poetry – a mind’s art – from romantic love – which is more of the heart’s art – don’t you think?

And although I have never written a love poem – at least not since i was in my teens with hormones raging – I do write pieces like what you see below – like – with a tune playing in my head.  So I put them down to music.  I don’t know if that makes me a songwriter, any more than leaving my morning constitution in the bathroom makes me Picasso.  But just like poetry – its what comes out of me – and because I’m human – because I have this insane desire to feel accredited in this insane life – which I don’t even understand – and I really would like to know what others think about some of these things that shake out of my brain – or heart.  Which is why I post these occasionally with other great and talented artists on  Tonight’s the night and I hope you enjoy this one…… You can listen to the song on the audio thingy above…  The lyrics are below….

Lyrics 2Ellen

I only know one thing darling
if you want to have fun from the start
never lie,  – never lie to your heart
no, no – never lie to your heart
don’t tell it to go away
no no no
Baby keep it around for a while
you can’t live without it
no no no
It’s what i found out

I was looking for you yesterday
I guess you packed your bags and went away
Yeah I know we were supposed to hit that road today
Driving those cars, hitting all the bars
But Albuquerque’s so far away
So darling, won’t you write me a letter some day

You brought our friends over one night
so we could all say goodbye
you know we were headed out that door
but you found me there in a corner with her

You remember her,
sweet little Veena
Honey you were my best friend
and you owned my soul
but I ain’t gonna lie
no I can’t lie to my heart,
no no no

Honey, dear Veena
she owns my heart
yes she does
she owns my heart

But you’re down in New Mexico now
and I know you’re having fun
all that wind and sand
and that auburn hair baby
Won’t you write me a letter
and in it won’t you say
You miss me too
won’t you say
you miss me too
cause love’s not about the heart
It’s about you

© 2015 John Allen Richter

Lonely Ships

It was half past two
Bartender said Johnny
You got to move move move
So I looked over at you
I was watching you dance up there
Shaking it everywhere
All up in the air
I know you know
’cause I saw you watching me
watching you
I think you like it like that.
Baby I know I do.
We need to leave this place
Let’s get lost in some happiness
If that’s what they call it these days
My name is Johnny
So pleased to meet you honey
Now let’s go screw
Just leave your car here
It’ll be all right overnight
I’ll bring you back in the morning
Pleased to meet you
Darling let’s go screw
If that’s what they’re calling it these days

© 2015 John Allen Richter

The Night Santa Came

From under the covers,  anxious eyes glowing –
so excited with joy, an eager smile showing –

I could see through the glare of moonlit frost,
brother’s eyes so wide as he turned and tossed.

Though our room had been so far from the tree –
its sweet aroma still came to me.

Heard through the quiet – father and mum
saying something or something, my ears clearly numb.

Father went “arumph! Gaul dabbity doo!”
Mum went “shussssshhhhh! You farbity poo!”

Just then big brother quietly whispered to me –
“What is it, dear Johnny, you’re wishing to see?”

“Why certainly brother only Santa will do –
or perhaps his sleigh and eight reindeer for you….”

“Quiet in there” as the very walls did shake –
Proving that our father was indeed still awake.

Our plan had been hatched to stay up late
and catch Santa come through the fireplace grate.

We thought if we found him this snowy night
we’d give Santa a hug so bold and so tight.

And if we could catch him – we could finally see
If Santa indeed smelled like a chocolate mint tree.

And just to look up and see his fat rosy cheeks –
pinch them for luck and too if they squeaked.

I’d ask him to share his cookies with me,
Which mum so nicely laid under the tree.

We would sit and talk the whole night through,
of elves, and toys, and Mrs. Claus too.

We would dance and laugh and throw presents askew
while brother fed Rudolph and the rest of his crew.

I could sit in his lap and tell stories of old
and he would laugh and laugh and say “Ho Ho Ho!”

And I could tell Santa if my wish could come true
t’would be we could visit each day the year through.

Oh, what wondrous things were done
On the night that Santa did come.

He helped me throw tinsel all over the tree,
Then straightened the Angel as much as could be.

He twinkled his nose and the stockings then flew –
nearer to his bag where they all withdrew –

Chocolates of color, so brown and so white,
Caramels and taffies of such great delight!

And out from the bag came a tiny little elf
who looked surprised when he saw myself.

“Jonas, my friend, what are you doing in there?”
Santa asked, while scratching his white hair.

“I must have fallen asleep during the push,
while we were all working that last minute rush.”

Santa laughed with a roar and so horribly loud,
I feared it would wake Dad and bring him down.

Jonas was laughing and rolling on the ground
the stockings were swirling the ceiling with sound.

Santa twinkled his nose and lit the tree,
The tinsel was waving as though windy.

“Rudolph, my boy, are you warm enough?”
Then a scratch on the roof and a faint “huff, huff.”

Oh, the dear sweet fun we had!
When Santa’s around I’m ever so glad!

Then Santa leaned down to look in my eyes,
“It was good to see you but now I must fly.
And I’ll see you again before much time goes by…
Remember Johnny never to lie,
and always look for me in the sky!”

“But don’t go Santa – we can sing a song” –
When just then came little sister along.

“Wake up, Brother John, Santa’s come and gone.”
realizing just then I’d been asleep all along ….

© 2014 John Allen Richter

The Wind Trhough Me Through You

I was born on a Thursday
it was a rainy day.
God smiled from Heaven above,
but clouds got in the way.

Life’s a silly path you see,
is what my momma said.
Find your love where you think you can
and give it all you am….

Johnny don’t you leave me,
you’re my son so proud,
give it everything you’ve got,
and sing your life out loud…..

Pitter patter raindrops,
fell on my path,
Pitter patter raindrops,
took my momma back.

God can you see me now?
Through the rainy clouds?
Can you tell me if I did it?
Did I make my momma proud?

Pitter patter raindrops,
got a child of my own…..
Looking down upon her gaze
is like seed momma sewn…

Child just listen to this,
if nothing more,
Sing your life as loud as you can
and know I’m at your door.

Love isn’t always what you see,
neither what you feel,
sometimes it’s the wind in your hair,
that once passed through me.

God can you see me now?
Through the rainy clouds?
Can you tell me if I did it, Lord?
Did I make my momma proud?
Did I make my momma proud?
……. did I make momma proud?

© 2013 John Allen Richter

My Friend Kim

I’d like to take a moment to wish all of my colleagues and friends a very special, prosperous, and happy New Year….  God bless you all and thank you for sharing life with me……    John

(Please click the play button below to follow along with me)

My Friend Kim

Within such beauty I should find,
by corners, depth, and width of mind…

The love we shared, that glorious bind,
so rare to know, this heaven’s kind.

And as I wonder of life’s sublime
and of nature’s boisterous crime

that all should fail in the wisp of time,
a moment, an eon, an erosion of kind….

Even the greatest mountain will frail,
and every comet shall lose its tail…

Time marches, a new crag prevails,
a star explodes, a born comet sails….

And of all the new I embrace by heart,
of the old I linger, reluctant to part

Somewhere between I find my soul,
A child really, spectator of old.

That thing we shared, a moment’s fold,
Nothing more now than a story told.

But beyond nature’s grasp I have found
a lasting truth of the greatest sound:

That every moment captured us,
and within them ……
our spirits shall dance forever.

And I will always smile.



Ring out the old, ring in the new,
Ring, happy bells, across the snow:
The year is going, let him go;
Ring out the false, ring in the true.
~Alfred, Lord Tennyson, 1850

© 2011 John Richter